Sir James Dundas

of Arniston
Son of : George Dundas
and: Katharine Oliphant
  Katherine Oliphant, James' mother, bequeathed to her son James, an ancient Venetian goblet, with an instruction to preserve it carefully, as upon its integrity should depend the continued prosperity of the famous house of Arniston. This talisman was nearly destroyed about 1800 by the malice of an eccentric peeress on a visit to the family, who intentionally threw it to the ground in order to break it, but fortunately her wilful design was frustrated.
born: 1570
education: St. Andrew's University
died: 1628. Buried at Borthwick Church. In 1612, James Dundas had been given a family burial place  within the vestry after having provided a considerable amount of money for the repair of the church.
sir james dundas ©Trustees of the British Museum.
Knighted by James VI and I. Governor of Berwick. M.P. for Midlothian 1612-1625. 
Ratification in favour of Sir James Dundas [of Arniston]. Our sovereign lord and estates of this present parliament, understanding that the kirk of Borthwick being ruinous and that part thereof called the vestry being decayed, and that the ministers of the exercise of Dalkeith, being convened to use the said kirk with the gentlemen and parishioners of the said parish of Borthwick, they find the best means for repairing of the said kirk and upholding of the said vestry to be the disposition of the same vestry to some gentleman of the said parish for a burial place, the same serving for no other use and, therefore, the said vestry with all their consent was conveyed to Sir James Dundas of Arniston, knight, one of the said parishioners, to be a burial place for him and his posterity, as the act and security made thereupon with consent of the provincial assembly of Lothian more fully purports; and that according to the agreement and condition made relating thereto, the said Sir James furnished the charges and expenses in repairing of the said kirk, as is clearly understood to his highness and estates foresaid; therefore his majesty and his said estates have ratified and approved and, by this act, ratify and approve the right and security made to the said Sir James Dundas by the said parishioners and presbytery of the said vestry for the burial of him and his said posterity in all time coming, in the whole heads, clauses and conditions thereof, and decree and ordain the same to be sufficient right and security to the said Sir James, his heirs and successors for possessing and enjoying of the said vestry and burial place foresaid in all time coming, according to the rights and securities above-specified made to him thereupon in all points.
Married 1st: Dame Katharine Douglas (died 1615), daughter of Sir George Douglas, of Parkhead, later of Torthorwald
    the following children were born of this union:
1. George Dundas, died without issue
2. James Dundas. Family records state that he died without lawful issue.
There was obviously a difficulty between Sir James Dundas and his son which can be seen from a letter written by Katharine Douglas to Walter Dundas, a copy of which can be found at the Scottish Archives under ref GD75/578: "Letter from Katherine Douglass, jspouse of Sir James Dundas of Arniston, to Sir Walter Dundas, laird Dundass, asking that he will aid her son, because of "the misliking quhilk my husband hes consaviet this lang time touarts his sone, quhilk is maist unnatraill, and dayly incresis", with counsell, "till it pleis God to wirk in his father's hart that he may sum day be satled". She dares not say more "bot I cannot be ansuerable befoir God and not dischairg ane deuty to may auin barne".

A further letter from Sir James Dundas of Arniston to Walter Dundas, ref:GD75/579: ""my foolisch sone is over the watter ... I think he shall be returnit this Monday" and asking for advice"

RH4/191: 1612 Apr 28 Disposition by William Oliphant to James Dundas, son and apparent heir to Sir James Dundas of Arniston, of the tacks and teinds of the lands of Birkensyde

RH4/191: National Archives of Scotland 16/6/1615: "Renunciation by Sir James Dundas, eldest son of Sir James Dundas of Arnistoun, in favour of his father of his right to the Maynes of Arnistoun".

It is interesting to note that James' mother died in 1615, which is when James renounced the rights to Arniston

RH4/191 National Archives of Scotland 28/4/1612: "Disposition by William Oliphant to James Dundas, son and apparent heir to Sir James Dundas of Arniston, of the tacks and teinds of the lands of Birkensyde"

There is an epitaph for The Laird of Arnestoun the younger, dated 1617. I am unsure whether this was for James or for his elder brother George. See

Although not yet proven, it is possible that the James Dundas who went to Ireland and who is shown on the Muster Roll of 1631 in Co. Fermanagh, (Devenish parish), under Sir John Hume's men and arms, could have been James Dundas, younger of Arniston, or even a son of his.

3. Nicolas Dundas (female) born 1607
4. Elizabeth Dundas married 1617 Sir Patrick Murray of Elibank and had issue: Patrick, Lord Elibank
5. Lilias Dundas married  Alexander Hume of North Berwick the son of David Hume, who was brother of Sir John Hume who acquired lands in Co. Fermanagh and built Tully Castle.
6. Katherine Dundas married 1623 James Douglas son of Thomas Douglas of Stanypeth. (Scottish Archives RH4/191 )
Married 2ndly: x 1619 Mary Hume (died 1661) daughter of Sir George Hume of Wedderburn and Jane Halden.
the following children were born of this union:
7. James Dundas 1st Lord Arniston
8. Robert Dundas of Harviestoun married Margaret Borthwick 8/4/1649 in Newbattle, Midlothian and had issue:
  A. John Dundas christened 1/2/1650 in Edinburgh, inherited the estate of Borthwick from his uncle 9th Lord Borthwick. He married Katherine Hamilton and had issue:
    i. John Dundas
    ii. Alexander Dundas
    iii. Walter Dundas
    iv.George Dundas
    v. Katharine Dundas
  B.James Dundas shown as apprentice to George Mosman, 1666
  C. George Dundas shown as apprentice to James Muirheid, chirurgeon apothecary 1688
  D. Walter Dundas died at Darien, Connecticut 1707
  E. Alexander Dundas shown as apprentice to Alexander Blair 1680
  F. Helen Dundas married 5/1/1701 Michael Lumisden, advocate
9. Charles Dundas shown as apprentice to William Johnston 1681
10. Elizabeth Dundas
11. Mary Dundas married Sir John Home or Hume fourth son of Sir David Hume of Wedderburn and Beatrix Blackadder (died 1678) and had issue:
  A.Sir John Home or Hume of Blackadder married 1660 his cousin Mary Dundas. He died in France 1675 and Mary died 1672.
12 .Thomas Dundas? Although I can find no evidence of Thomas Dundas, the following appears in Domestic Details of Sir David Hume of Crossrig; "Thomas Dundas of Arniston my uncle, 1659". (Sir David Hume was the brother of Sir John Hume of Blackadder who married Mary Dundas).

Sir James Dundas

1st Lord of Arniston
Son of: James Dundas
and: Mary Hume
born: 1620
education: St. Andrews University 1635
occupation: Senator of the College of Justice. Knighted by Charles 1st 1641.
died: 1679
Sir James Dundas was a strong Presbyterian. King Charles the 1st made a grave error in attempting to establish an Episcopal form of Church/government in Scotland and the result was that the whole country united in resisting the change. The first copies of the National Covenant were signed in 1638 and James Dundas of Arniston was amongst those who signed it.
Sir James Dundas was a member of Parliament for the county of Edinburgh and in 1662 was elevated to the bench as Lord Arniston. When required to sign a declaration renouncing the Solemn League and Covenant, he refused unless allowed to add "except in so far as such leagues might lead to deeds of actual rebellion." For this misdemeanour, he forfeited his gown and retired to Arniston.
james dundas lord arniston ©Trustees of the British Museum.
Married 1st : x 12/11/1641 Marion Boyd daughter of Robert, Lord Boyd.
the following children were born of this union: 
1. Robert Dundas
2. Duncan Dundas? Shown in the Scottish Covenanters list as "from Arniston"
3. Christian Dundas married Sir Charles Erskine
4. Katherine Dundas married 1679 James Dalrymple
5. Marion Dundas born 1650 married 1679 William McCall the son of Samuel McCall ( McCall of Gussockland) who was the son of John MacCall of Guffockland & of Spango and had issue:.
  A. Samuel McCall of Glasgow
  B. George McCall of Pennsylvania
6 .Mary Dundas married in 1660 her cousin Sir John Hume (or Home) 2nd Baronet of Blackadder and died 1672
Married 2ndly; Janet Hepburn (bap. 1630, d. 1665) daughter of Sir Adam Hepburn of Humbie and Agnes Fowlis
the following children were born of this union: 
7. James Dundas a merchant in Perth Amboy, East Jersey. In the Caledonian magazine, volume 30, he is shown as a Covenanter who was exiled for his faith and that he arrived in Perth Amboy in 1685. He married Janet Riddell in January 1688 (she returned to Scotland with her son after the death of James Dundas in 1698) and had issue:
A. Robert Dundas born Perth Amboy 10/12/1694. Married Margaret Watson in Edinburgh and died 1768 leaving issue:
    i.James Dundas born 1726 died unmarried
    ii. Robert Dundas born 1729. Minister of Humbie. Died 3/6/1767. Married Elizabeth Turnbull 1760 and had issue:
    . Sir Robert Dundas  of Beechwood
    .. Margaret Dundas
    ... Mary Dundas born 1764 Humbie, East Lothian
    .... Henry Dundas born 1767 Humbie, East Lothian. Died 5/1/1816. In the Caledonian Mercury dated the 15/1/1816, it shows the death of Henry Dundas as being the youngest daughter of the Rev. Robert Dundas of Humbie?
    iii. John Dundas born 1729
    iv. Alexander Dundas christened 21/7/1737 at Edinburgh
    v. Mary Dundas died unmarried 1803
    vi. Sir David Dundas, G.C.B, Colonel in Chief. Born 26/5/1736. Married Charlotte De Lancy 21/7/1807 and died without issue 18/2/1820. Colonel Dundas laid the foundation of his system of military tactics, which was published in 1788, under the title of ‘Principles of Military Movements, chiefly applicable to Infantry.’ This work was dedicated to George the Third, who directed it to be arranged and adopted for the use of the army, in June 1792. He soon after planned the ‘Rules and Regulations for the Cavalry,’ which also became a standard work regarding the discipline of the army.

sir david dundas

David Dundas

From Memorials of His Time, Henry Cockburn: "The mother of the first Sir David Dundas, the introducer of our German system of military manoeuvres and at one time commander in chief of the British Army. We used to go to her house in Bunker's Hill when boys, on Sundays between the morning and afternoon sermons, were we were cherished with Scotch broth and cakes and many a joke from the old lady. Age had made her incapable of walking even across the room; so, clad in a plain black silk gown and a pure muslin cap, she sat, half encircled by a high backed leather chair, reading; with silver spectacles stuck on her thin nose; and interspersing her studies and her days with much laughter and not a little sarcasm. What a spirit! There was more fun round that chair than in the theatre or the church. I remember one of her granddaughters stumbling, in the course of reading the newspapers to her, on a paragraph which stated that a lady's reputation had suffered from some indiscreet talk on the part of the Prince of Wales. Up she of fourscore sat, and said with an indignant shake of her shrivelled fist and a keen voice- "The dammed villain! does he kiss and tell!""
8. Alexander Dundas born 1663 a doctor and one of the King's physicians. Died 31/3/1732 in Edinburgh. "Caledonian Mercury, 3/4/1732 - Died at his Lodgings in this City, aged about 70, Alexander Dundas, M. D. one of his Majesty's Physicians, brother to the late Lord Arniston, a gentleman much esteemed for his piety, charity e.t.c"
9. Charles Dundas a Captain in the Earl of Orkney's regiment, (Royal Regiment of Foot). Married Helen Dundas (died 1739), daughter of George Dundas of Blair castle and left issue:
  A. George Dundas, Captain Royal Navy, Commander of HMS Drake. Married Ann (died November 1734) and died 1733 at Gibraltar, leaving issue:
  i. Charles Dundas
  ii. George Dundas
  B. James Dundas a physician. Married Anne Spottiswood,(d.1/8/1740) and died 11/9/1754 (Caledonian Mercury 12/9/1754) leaving issue:
  i. Charles Dundas died without issue 11/6//1755. (Caledonian Mercury 16/6/1775).
  ii. John Dundas died without issue
  C. Thomas Dundas shown as an apprentice surgeon apothecary to David Fyffe in 1728. (Eighteenth century medics)
  D. Helen Dundas married Robert Middleton
Married 3rdly: 1666 Helen Skene daughter of Sir James Skene who died 1691

Robert Dundas

2nd Lord Arniston
Son of: James Dundas 1st Lord Arniston
and: Marion Boyd
born: 1650
occupation: Senator of the College of Justice. M.P. for Midlothian 1689-1726
died: 1726
Resident in Holland until 1689 when he returned to Scotland as a supporter of The Prince of Orange
2nd lord arniston
  x 4/1/1683 Margaret Sinclair daughter of Sir Robert Sinclair  
  the following children were born of this union:     
1. James Dundas    
2. Robert Dundas 3rd Lord Arniston  
3. Alexander Dundas born 1693 a merchant in Barbados. Apprentice to Abraham Etton in Bristol in 1711. Possibly the Alexander Dundas who married 1736 Elizabeth Grimes in London.
4. John Dundas, a merchant.  (General Advertiser, 21/8/1749; "The above Ship brings Advice of the Death of Jonathan Dundafs, Efq; Eminent Merchant at Antigua"),
5. Charles Dundas  born 1697, a merchant in Barbados. Shown as apprentice to James Murray 1712
6. Thomas Dundas christened 27/4/1706 Edinburgh. Sheriff of the county of Galloway. Married Jane Cathcart and had issue:
    A. Thomas Dundas :Extract from  "Present state of husbandry in Scotland": "The mansion-house of Keith-Marshall and enclosures around it, the property of the Earl of Hopetoun, was rented by Thomas Dundas, Esq; brother of the late Robert Dundas, of Arniston, President of the Court of Session in Scotland.  Mr Thomas Dundas, being also bred to the law, was appointed Sheriff of the county of Galloway. But an early attachment to farming overcame in him all others and he soon became an excellent improving farmer".  Thomas Dundas married Mary and had issue:
      i. Sir Thomas Dundas, Vice-Admiral, K.C.B. Born 14/8/1765 at Keith, East Lothian. Married Charlotte co-heir of Lulham Wood and died 29/3/1841 in Berkshire without living issue.
7. Margaret Dundas married 6/8/1708 Lord Bargany and died 1717. (The Scots Peerage).
8. Helen Dundas born 1687
9. Anna Dundas born 1694
10. Christian Dundas born 1696
11. Marion Dundas born 1699
12. Elizabeth Dundas born 1704
13. Katherine Dundas married 6/7/1717 Sir John Cathcart
14. Martha Dundas born 1700 married 17/8/1735  Archibald Cockburn (died 1748) and had issue

James Dundas
  Son of: Robert Dundas
and: Margaret Sinclair
born: 1685
occupation: Advocate
died: Predeceased his father
  A Jacobite who was charged with sedition and disinherited by his father. Tradition states that he fled to France and that whilst in France, he reserved a table for three and subsequently arrived with two dogs which he seated either side of him and addressed as Monsieur Le Comte and Monsieur Le Chevalier. A real Comte or Chevalier happening to be present objected, challenged him to a dual and killed him.
  x Mary Hope
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Margaret Dundas born 1713, daughter of Sir Alexander Hope of Kerse

Robert Dundas
3rd Lord Arniston
  Son of: Robert Dundas
and: Margaret Sinclair
born: 1685
  died: 26/8/1753
  Lord President of the Court of Session. Solicitor-General for Scotland. Lord Advocate. Member of Parliament for the county of Edinburgh.
  From Old Edinburgh, Volume 2, 1908 " It is reported that the Lord Advocate Dundas, one of the old school of hard drinking judges, after a convivial meeting, which lasted from noon until nine o clock at night, began then to dictate a most important appeal case. The task was finished at four o clock in the morning and when the papers were sent to London, it was not necessary on revisal to correct five words."
3rd lord arniston
Married 1st: x 27/10/1712 Elizabeth Watson (died of smallpox 1734), daughter of Robert Watson of Muirhouse
  the following children were born of this union
1. Robert Dundas born 1713
2. Elizabeth Dundas born 1714
3. Mary Dundas born 1716. (Possibly the Marie Ann Elizabeth Dundas who married in 1749, Joseph Louis Michael de Rochechouart) Histoire de la maison royale de France anciens barons du royaume : et des grands officiers de la couronne, Vol. 9,
4. James Dundas born 1717 Edinburgh
5. Margaret Dundas christened 10/7/1718
6. Elizabeth Dundas born 1719
7. Alexander Dundas christened 26/10/1722
8. George Dundas christened 11/3/1725 in Edinburgh. Died of smallpox November 1733
9. Katherine Dundas christened 10/2/1727
10. John Dundas born 1729 died of smallpox December 1733
11. Susanna Dundas born 1731 died of smallpox 1733
12. Annie Dundas died of smallpox January 1734
Married 2ndly: x 3/6/1734 Anne Gordon daughter of Sir William Gordon
ann gordon
  the following children were born of this union:
13. Isobella Dundas born 1735
14. Christian Dundas born 1736
15. William Dundas born 1737 Lieutenant Colonel, married 8/1/1771 in Antigua, Mary Gunthorpe Byam and had two daughters, Anne (m. Doctor James McNeill ) and Mary (m. 1795, Major Allan Cameron) and died in Jan. 1795 in Wakefield, Yorkshire. Mary died at St. Vincent, 29/10/1772, (General Evening Post 13/5/1773). This could be incorrect as there is also an entry for the wife of Lt. Col William Dundas dying in 1791 at Hexham. (Caledonian Mercury, 5/11/1791).
16. Charles Dundas born 1738
17. Thomas Dundas born 1740, shown as apprentice to Robert Smith, surgeon apoth. 1755. Lloyd's Evening Post, 23/5/1770;-" Letters from Calcutta bring advice that in the month of September last, died, Captain Thomas Dundas, son to the late President Arniston".
18. Henry Dundas, (1st Viscount Melville) born 1742
19. Adam Dundas born 1743 died 1770 in Bengal. (The Scots Magazine, vol. 33). Lieutenant Royal Navy and East India Co

Robert Dundas
4th Lord Arniston
  Son of: Robert Dundas
and: Elizabeth Watson
born: 18/7/1713
died: 1787
  occupation: Lord President of the Court of Session and M.P. for Midlothian
4th lord arniston
Married 1st: x 17/10/1741 Henrietta Baillie Carmichael (died 1755) daughter of Sir James Carmichael and Margaret Baillie
Henrietta Baillie Carmichael
  the following children were born of this union: 
1. Robert Dundas born June 1747
2. William Dundas. On September 1759 his name was legally changed to William Baillie on inheriting the estate of Lamington from his grandmother Margaret Baillie. He died 17/6/1760 unmarried
3. Elizabeth Dundas married 6/9/1762 Sir John Lockhart-Ross of Balnagowan
4. Henrietta Dundas born 1749 married 30/5/1777  Adam 1st Viscount Duncan Admiral of the Royal Navy and died 1832
5. Margaret Dundas married John Scott of Balcomie (Major General)
6. Anne Dundas married 28/3/1773 George Buchan of Kello - Midlothian extracted parish records
2ndly: x 1756 Jean Grant daughter of Lord Prestongrange
  the following children were born of this union: 
7. Robert Dundas
8. Francis Dundas born 1759. General in the army. Governor of Cape of Good Hope 1798 and 1801. Governor of Dumbarton Castle 1817/1824. Married Eliza Cumming  22/1/1800 in Cape Town. She died 10/10/1834 at Edinburgh. Francis Dundas died 15/1/1824 at Shandwick Place, Edinburgh, leaving issue:
  francis and eliza
  Francis and Eliza
    A. Francis Dundas christened 16/1/1801 in Cape Town died 1808. (The Scots magazine and Edinburgh literary miscellany, Volume 70)
  B. Jane Dundas born Dec. 1803. (Caledonian Mercury, 2/1/1804). Died 1806. (Scots Magazine 1/8/1806)
  C. William Dundas christened 14/10/1804 in Kent died 1806 in Edinburgh. (Scots Magazine 1/9/1806)
  D. Robert Dundas born 1805 died 20/8/1811 at Sanson House, Berwickshire. (Caledonian Mercury 24/8/1811)
    E. Mary Dundas died  6/1806 at Sanson House. (Scots Magazine 1/7/1806)
    F. Caroline Dundas born 1806 died 1/4/1812 at Edinburgh (Caledonian Mercury 6/4/1812)
    G. John Dundas born 1809 died 23/1/1810 (The Edinburgh annual register 1810)
    H. Henry Dundas died 1812 at Edinburgh (The Edinburgh annual register 1812)
    I. Phillip Dundas born 1813 died 7/6/1813 at Edinburgh. The Edinburgh annual register 1813)
    J. Alexander Dundas born February 1817 died unmarried.
    K. Wedderburn Dundas born 11/3/1818 at Newcastle died unmarried 1887 in Wales
    L. Janet Hamilton Dundas married James Farquharson of Invercauld 14/4/1833
    M. Henrietta Dundas died 1838
9. William Dundas born 1761. Member of Parliament for the Northern Burghs in 1796 and 1797, for Sutherland in 1802 and 1806, for Cullen in 1810 and Edinburgh from 1812 to 1831. He was appointed a Privy Counsellor in 1800 and was Secretary at War from 1804 to 1806. He was a Lord Commissioner of the Admiralty in 1812. He was appointed Keeper of the Signet in 1814 and Lord Clerk Register in 1821. He married 1813 Mary Stuart-Mackenzie. Died 14/11/1845 without issue.
  william dundas
  Rt. Hon William Dundas
10. Philip Dundas born 1762. Commander of the ship The Melville Castle, Superintendent of marine at Bombay - 1802, Member of Parliament for Surrey 1803-5, Governor and treasurer of Prince of Wales Island -1805 1807.
  Married 1st, 8/1790 in Dublin, Penelope Ford Lindsay (died 1802 - possible issue, but not yet proven), (Hereford Journal, 18/8/1790) - Philip Dundas, Esq. nephew of the Right Hon. Henry Dundas, and brother to the Lord Advocate for Scotland, to Miss. Lindsev)
  Married 2ndly, 5/5/1803, Margaret Wedderburn (died 1806) and died 8/4/1807 leaving issue:
    A. Robert Adam Dundas. Changed his surname to Christopher by Royal licence 20/1/1836 and took the additional surname of Nisbet-Hamilton in 1854 on the accession of hi wife to the Belhaven and Direleton estates. Born 9/2/1804 married 28/1/1828 Lady Mary Bruce and died 1877 leaving an only daughter, Mary Georgina Constance, who married, 1888 Henry Thomas Ogilvy, later Nisbet-Hamilton-Ogilvy
    robert adam mary bruce
    Robert Adam Dundas Lady Mary Bruce
    B. Phillip Dundas, Lieutenant Colonel, 6th Regiment of Foot. Born 5/9/1806 in Penang, Malaya married 1858 Lady Jane Charteris, the daughter of the 8th Earl of Wemyss (1811-1897) and died without issue 15/12/1870.
    From The Reformers' Gazette, 1831: "Major Philip Dundas, 7тн Hussars.
It does not seem to be generally known that this fellow, who was tried and convicted the other day in Dublin for seducing the daughter of the Dean of Cashel, is the brother of that hopeful youth, Robert Adam Dundas, M. P. for the City of Edinburgh. We find, too, that he is the son of Robert Dundas of Arniston—that same Robert Dundas who was Lord Advocate of Scotland in 1793, and who persecuted and hunted to death every Reformer he could lay his hands on. His Lordship, it is said, left upwards of £90,000 to his sons—to be spent, we suppose, in Corruption and Debauchery.—But we should like to know how much of that sum was originally taken out of the pockets of the People ? We have still a few words to say to this Major.—From the report of his trial it appears that he left his barracks under cloud of night, to accomplish his unhallowed purpose. Now, we desire to know how many privates, corporals, and Sergeants, belonging to his Regiment, have been sent by him to the “black hole," or perhaps to the halberts, for staying out only a few minutes after the tattoo? We are sure there are many of them. And yet this Major himself positively escapes all kind or degree of military punishment. It is true he has been sentenced by the Civil Court to pay a sum of £3500 of damages to the young Lady. But his conduct is so abominable, that we think he ought instantly to be cashiered, or dismissed the Army.—Public disgrace is hardly sufficient to meet the enormity of his crime".
    lady jane dundas nee charteris
    Lady Jane Dundas nee Charteris, the wife of Phillip Dundas
11. Janet Dundas married 1782 John Hamilton of Pencaitland
12. Grizzel or Grace Dundas married  22/9/1778 Robert Colt of Inveresk and died 1798


Robert Dundas
5th Lord Arniston
  Son of: Robert Dundas
  and: Jean Grant
  born: 6/6/1758
  died 17/6/1819
  occupation: M.P. for Edinburgh, Lord Chief Baron of the Court of Exchequer
5th lord arniston
  x 1787 Hon. Elizabeth Dundas daughter of Henry Dundas 1st Viscount Melville. She died 18/3/1852 at Edinburgh aged 86 years
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Robert Dundas
2. Henry Dundas, Vice Admiral, Royal Navy. Christened 15/11/1799.  Married 17/11/1836 Robina Mary Dundas daughter of Sir Robert Dundas of Beechwood. Died without issue 11/9/1863. (Yorkshire Gazette 19/9/1863
3. William Pitt Dundas, C.B. Advocate, J.P. Deputy Clerk Register and Registrar General for Scotland. Born 1801 married Mary Strange and died in 1883 leaving issue:
  william pitt dundas
William Pitt Dundas
  A. Reverend Robert James Dundas, Rector of Albury, Surrey. Rural Dean of Guildford; Hon Canon of Winchester. Ordained, 1858, to curacy at Great Yarmouth; accompanied 1st Bishop of Columbia as his chaplain, 1859; Rector of St John's, Victoria, Australia 1859-1865; Curate of Chelmsford, 1866-1868; minister of St John's, Great Yarmouth (the sailor's church), 1868-1871; Member of Winchester Diocesan Conference and of most of the Diocesan Councils and Committees. Born November 1832, married 1866 Annie M Jeffreys daughter of J. Gwyn Jeffreys. The Rev. Dundas secured a valuable collection of North American Indian artefacts in the 1860s. He died 19/2/1904 leaving issue:
  robert james dundas
  The Rev. Robert James Dundas
  i. Gwenyth Annie Dundas, born 1868 in Albury, Surrey, married Percy Sellon
  ii. Robert Neville Dundas, born 1867 in Chelmsford, Essex and married Cecil Mary Lancaster and died August 1941 leaving issue:
    . Henry Lancaster Neville Dundas, born Feb 1897 and died 27/9/1918 (killed in action)
      henry lancaster neville dundas
    .. Anne Ethel Montagu Dundas, born 1901 married 1927 Peter Charles Carey
  iii Mary Winifred Dundas, born 1873 in Albury, Surrey, married 1898, the Rev George Bass Vessey
  iv. Annabel Dundas, born 1876 in Albury, Surrey.
  v. Helen Margaret Dundas, born 1884 in Albury Surrey and married 1st.1907, Capt. William Sandbach, who was killed in action 1915, leaving issue: Peter Dundas Sandbach, born 1907 in Godstone, Surrey. Helen Margaret Dundas married 2ndly 1917, Lieutenant Commander Cosmo Alec Onslow Douglas (d. 1971 in Berkshire)
  B. George Smythe Dundas, BA (Oxon); Advocate; Sheriff-Substitute of Roxburgh, Berwick, and Selkirk from 1886; Advocate, Professor of Scots Law, Edinburgh. Advocate 1867; entered Legal Department of the Inland Revenue, Edinburgh, 1876; resigned 1880; Sheriff-Substitute of Argyllshire at Campbeltown, 1880-1886. Born Edinburgh, 1842, CB; married 1876 Georgina Lockhart daughter of George Ross,  Died 18 April 1909, with issue:
  i. Robert Hamilton Dundas, born 30/8/1884. Emeritus Student of Christ Church,Oxford (1910-1957); First Classes Hon. Mods, 1905; Lit. Hum., 1907; Lecturer, Liverpool Univ., 1908-1909; Lecturer in Greek History, Christ Church, 1909; Censor, 1914, 1919-1924, and 1944-1945; Examiner Lit.Hum., 1928-1929. Joined Black Watch (3rd attd 2nd Bn) January 1915; France, 1915; Mesopotamia, 1916; AHQ (Dep. Chief Censor's Office) Delhi, Simla, Rangoon, 1916-1919; Captain (wounded, despatches twice). Died 1/10/1960
  C. Ann Elizabeth Pitt Dundas, born 1830
4. Anne Dundas born 1791 married 1819 John Borthwick and died 1833
5. Joanna Hamilton Dundas married 1827 George Dempster and died 1891


Robert Dundas
  Son of: Robert Dundas 5th Lord Arniston
  and: Elizabeth Dundas
  born: 19/6/1797
  died 8/6/1838
  occupation: J.P.
  x  9/4/1822 Lilias Calderwood Durham daughter of Thomas Calderwood Durham
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Robert Dundas
2. Thomas Dundas, Major 12th Foot. Born 1825 married 1863 Jane Eliza Partridge and died 20/7/1902 leaving a daughter Lilias Elizabeth.
3. William Dundas of The Elms, Faringdon. Born 21/8/1826 married 27/7/1858 Etheldred Mary Partridge and died 30/4/1903 at Dover without issue
4. James Durham Dundas born 1835. Major General 60th regiment of rifles, died 1886 in London
james durham dundas
James Durham Dundas
5. Elizabeth Dundas christened 6/4/1824 Borthwick Midlothian
6. Anne Dundas born 1834

Robert Dundas
1st Baronet
  Son of: Robert Dundas
and: Lilias Calderwood Durham
born: 23/2/1823
  died: 11/11/1909
  occupation: J.P. Created a Baronet 18/6/1898. Convener of the Commissioners of Supply of the County of Midlothian, and subsequently Chairman of the County Council; was an unpaid member of the Board of Supervision for the Relief of the Poor in Scotland; was a Director of the Bank of Scotland, and also of the Scottish Widows' Fund Life Assurance Society.
  x  25/9/1845 Emily Louisa Diana Knox (died 1881) only child of Colonel Hon. James Knox
  the following children were born of this union: 
1. Robert Dundas
2. Henry Herbert Phillip Dundas
3. Marion Dundas married 1900 Major General William Hamilton-Cox and died without issue 1949
4. Alice Dundas M.B.E. (1918). Born 1885 married 1889 Major General Sir William George Knox and died 5/8/1929
5. Hester Dundas died 9/3/1873 of diptheria
6. Ellen Dundas married 1stly 1894 Lieutenant Colonel Gerald Lionel Joseph Goff who died in 1899, she married 2ndly 1903 Edward Thompson and died 1927
Robert Dundas, 2nd Baronet and 2 of his sisters; Marion and Alice Dundas

© National Portrait Gallery, London

Robert Dundas
2nd baronet
  Son of: Robert Dundas
  and: Emily Louisa Diana Knox
  born: 28/7/1857
  died: 12/12/1910 and was succeeded by his brother
  occupation: J.P. Lieutenant Colonel. Served Egypt 1882 (medal with clasp, bronze star); South Africa, 1900 (despatches, Queen's medal with 2 clasps).
  x 22/4/1893 Evelyn Henrietta Montgomery daughter of Sir Graham Montgomery
evelyn henrietta
Evelyn Henrietta Dundas nee Montgomery

© National Portrait Gallery, London

  the following children were born of this union:
1. Robert Dundas born 1897 died 1898
2. Victoria May Evelyn Dundas born 14/8/1895. Arniston House was left to May in trust by her father.
may dundas
Victoria May Dundas as a child

Henry Herbert Philip Dundas
3rd baronet
  Son of: Robert Dundas
  and: Emily Louisa Diana Knox
  born: 4/9/1866
  died: 5/2/1930
  occupation: Major
  X  9/2/1899 Lady Beatrix Home
  the following children were born of this union: 
1. Philip Dundas
2. Henry William Hugh Dundas born 16/11/1901 and died 18/12/1928 of blackwater fever contracted in the Malay Straits
3. David Dundas, Midshipman, born 12/6/1903 and reported lost on board HM Drifter Blue Sky, June 1922
4. James Durham Dundas born 1905 died 1967
5. Thomas Calderwood Dundas born 1906,  MBE 1945; Director of Barclays Bank Ltd, 1954-1967; born 27 November 1906;  married 1933 Isabel only daughter of Charles Goring. Entered Barclays Bank, 1924; a Local Director of Barclays Bank, Brighton District, 1935-1967. High Sheriff of Sussex, 1959. Major, Scots Guards; served War of 1939-1945 (despatches, MBE). .Died in 1970 leaving issue:
    A. Alice Kirsty Dundas born 1937 married 1960 Anthony Pilkington
    B. Davina Margaret Dundas born 1939 married 1966 Commander Noel Findlay, R.N.
6. Robert Charles Dundas born 1912 married 1939 Marina Isabel Eustace Scott Moncrieff. Died 1940
7. Jean Dundas born 1909 died 1971 married 1933 Admiral Sir John Peter Lorne Reid and had issue: a daughter Delia and a son David.

Philip Dundas
4th baronet
  Son of: Henry Herbert Philip Dundas
  and: Lady Beatrix Home
  born: 8/11/1899
  died: 23/2/1952
  occupation: Adjutant 1st Battalion
philip and myfanwy
Philip Dundas and his daughter Myfanwy
  x  25/6/1936 Jean Marion Hood died 1994
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Henry Matthew Dundas born 17/5/1937 died 1963
2. Althea Dundas born November 1939 married 1972 Aedrian Bekker and had issue:
    A. Kirsty Bekker  
    B. Henrietta May Dundas Bekker  
3. Myfanwy Elizabeth Jean Dundas born 1946 married Mark Walker Baldwin
4. Joanne Montgomerie Dundas born 1949 married Richard Henry James Kerr-Wilson
Henry Matthew Dundas inherited his father's title aged 14, but unfortunately died aged 26 in 1963.
The title subsequently fell to Henry's uncle, James Durham Dundas who died in 1967. The title then went to James' brother, Thomas Calderwood Dundas who died in 1970.
As there were no remaining male heirs the title died out on the death of Thomas.
May Dundas who had Arniston House left to her in trust by her father in 1910, died in 1970 and Althea Dundas inherited Arniston and set about restoring the property to its former glory.
arniston house
Arniston House