coat of arms
George Dundas
Son of: David Dundas
and: Marjory Lindsay
occupation: High Sheriff of Linlithgowshire in 1637
died: Sept 1653
Acquired the lands of King's Power and Manour in 1628. Previously of Stanyhill

Logie, A Parish History: "George Dundas of Manour had been bred a lawyer, and being a man of parts and knowledge, he became prominent in his profession, and acquired several estates. He got a charter under the Great Seal, Magistro Georgia Dundas, filio quondam David-is Dundas de Dudlngston, ierrarum de Smiddie- hltt, etc., dated 19th July, 1625. He obtained a charter of the lands and barony of King's Powes, alias Manour, in Perthshire, dated 19th November, 1628, which last continued to be the chief title of this family.
He afterwards got a charter, Magistro Georgio Dundas de Manour,annul reddltus duodecim centum mercarum levan. annuatim de terrls de Tulliallan, etc., in Perthshire, dated 20th July, 1633.
He was appointed High Sheriff for the County of Linlithgow, by a commission, under the Great Seal, from the King, dated 20th September, 1637"

  x  Margaret Livingston daughter of William Livingston of West Quarter
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Anna Dundas born 1622 Abercorn married 1643 Alexander Hamilton
2. Margaret Dundas born 1624 Abercorn
3. George Dundas born 1626
4. James Dundas born 1629 Abercorn
5. Margaret Dundas born 1633 Abercorn married Thomas Baillie
6. Isobel Dundas born 1634 Abercorn
7. William Dundas born 1636 Abercorn
8. Katrine Dundas born 1640
9. John Dundas born 1641
10. Elizabeth Dundas born 1645

John Dundas

Son of: George Dundas
and: Margaret Livingston
born: 10/3/1641
died: 1711
Matriculated arms 1672.

Family Romance; Or Episodes in the Domestic Annals of The Aristocracy. Bernard Burke 1853.
John Dundas owned a property called Stang Hill Tower which was on the edge of the Earl of Hopetoun's estate. For many years the Earl tried to obtain the tower from John Dundas to add to his estate, but John Dundas refused all offers to let it go, despite the threat of law suits and even bribery. Finally on his death bed he told his son "It is foolish forever to struggle against our rich and powerful neighbour. He will, sooner or later, have our little property; make the best terms with him you can". Soon after John Dundas' death, an exchange highly advantageous to the Dundas' of Manor was effected. Stang Hill Tower being given to Lord Hopetoun and the estate of Aithrey which belonged to Lord Hopetoun being made over to Ralph Dundas.

  x  1669 Elizabeth Hamilton daughter of Robert Hamilton of Kilbrackmont
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Walter Dundas born 1670 Abercorn
2. Ralph Dundas
3. Daniel Dundas christened 26/12/1678 Abercorn. Attended Edinburgh University 1697
4. John Dundas born 1679 Abercorn, a Surgeon married Elizabeth Fergusson. Purchased the lands of Wester Bogie in Fife. Died without issue. Shown as apprentice to James Hamilton 1699.
5. George Dundas born 1684 Abercorn
6. Christian Dundas married 5/12/1696 in Abercorn Patrick Dickson
7. Rachel Dundas born 1685 Abercorn

Ralph Dundas

Son of: John Dundas
and: Elizabeth Hamilton
born: 1675
died: 1729
  Purchased Airthrey estate in 1706
  x 27/10/1698 Helen Crawford widow of William Crawford and daughter of Sir Thomas Burnet
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Thomas Dundas born 1699
2. John Dundas
3. Mary Dundas born 1703 Logie, Perth. Married 1726 George Abercromby
4. Janet Dundas born 1704 Logie, Perth. Married 1stly 1730 James Don 2ndly James Campbell
5. Thomas Dundas  M.D. born 18/4/1705 Logie, Perth. Married Jean Fairbairne and had issue:
  a. Ralph Dundas of the Honourable East India Company Maritime Service, (Commander of the Indiaman, Royal Henry and Prince William Henry) born 1738 married Elizabeth Wrangham at Saint Helena March 28th 1784. Elizabeth was born 1768 and was therefore only 16 when she married. She was the daughter of William and Elizabeth Wrangham and died 1821 in Brentwood, Essex. She married 2ndly after the death of Ralph Dundas, Captain George Lukin. She was buried at All Saints, Edmonton, Middlesex. Ralph Dundas died November 1797 at Southgate, and was buried at All Saints, Edmonton, Middlesex, leaving issue:
    i. Thomas Dundas who succeeded to the estate of Manour in 1828
    ii. Elizabeth Dundas born 1785 married 1804 in Calcutta James Alexander and died 5/2/1806 at Calcutta aged 21. (The Caledonian 9/8/1806)
    iii. Amelia Sophia Dundas christened 25/3/1792 at Richmond, Surrey. Married Vicissimus Hale 17/3/1808 in Bombay and died leaving issue:
      . William Dundas Hale born 25/7/1817 married 13/4/1845 Sarah Chisholm of Ontario and died 1879 leaving issue
      .. Elizabeth Jane Hale born 12/5/1814 married 22/3/1834 The Hon. John Wetenhall, M.P.P. Canada and died 15/1/1865 leaving issue
      ... Emily Hale born 22/12/1815 married 1842 William James Imlach and died 20/2/1902 at Ontario leaving issue
      .... Harriet Margaret Hale born 21/6/1819 married 21/6/1838 Robert Anstruther Mainguy and died 26/9/1855 at Tenby, Co Pembrokshire leaving issue
      ..... 2 sons who died without issue
    iv. Jane Charlotte Dundas born 16/6/1795 christened 28/5/1797 at All Saints, Edmonton, Middlesex
  b. Charles Dundas died unmarried 1814
  c. Jean Dundas born 1744
  d. Elizabeth Dundas
  e. Mary Dundas killed by the fall of a bridge at Edinburgh 3/8/1769
6. Anne Dundas born 1706 married James Ramsay
7. Robert Dundas born 1708
8. Elizabeth Dundas married James Edmonstone
9. Ralph Dundas born 23/4/1709 Logie, Perth. A merchant. Shown as apprentice to David Berry 1724. Married 1731 Mary Berry (died 1782) and died 1789 leaving issue:
  a. Ralph Dundas Captain Royal Navy, Captain of the Bonetta. Born 12/10/1732 died 1787 and buried 15/6/1787 at St. Clement Danes, Middx.
  b. Barabara Dundas born 1734
  c. William Dundas born 1738 died young
  d. Sir David Dundas Ist Bart of Richmond born 1749, a doctor who was appointed Sergeant Surgeon to King George 111 in 1791
  e. James Dundas of Ochtertyre born 1752
  f. Agnes Dundas
  g. Helen Dundas
  h. George Dundas, Rear Admiral, Naval Commissioner at Bombay. Born 1756 married 1783 in Liverpool Ann Thomson (died 1808 at Billington Asylum, Lancashire , where she had been admitted by George Dundas in 1794 in view of her mental instability) and died 6/8/1814 at the Cape of Good Hope. (Information kindly provided on Ann Thomson by Paul Sutcliffe, Bochum, Germany.) George and Ann Dundas left issue:
    i. Maria Dundas born 18/7/1785 married 1st 1809 Captain Thomas Graham 2ndly Sir Augustus Wall Callcott. Died in England 21/10/1842. Buried at Kensal Green cemetery. In the book "Journal of a residence in Chile" edited by Jennifer Hayward, there is mention of Maria (christened Mary) being taken by her father out a school in Northern England in 1793 to a school in the South. The passage reads as follows; "With no warning her father returned from a trip in March 1793 and took his daughter from her home in the uncultured and savage North of Britain to a school in the cultured and genteel South. This transfer of place was also a transfer of class: she left her mother's simple modest home to live with her father's much more aristocratic family. She was eight years old and never saw her mother again."  (See mention above that her mother was admitted to Billington Asylum in 1794). There are many records of letters on the Internet from her father's brother David Dundas in which he repeatedly mentions his distaste with his brother for marrying below his class. Maria Dundas stayed with the Dundas family in Richmond and later with James Dundas in Scotland. She mentions in her memoirs that the Dundas family in Richmond despised her. In 1808 she sailed to India with her father despite not having seen him for 10 years.
      Maria Dundas
    ii. Major General William Boulden Dundas born 1788 in the Isle of Man married Jemima Agnes Graham (d. 19/5/1874 - Edinburgh Evening News 19/5/1874) and died 1858. "The Annual Register 1858":- At Edinburgh, Major-Gen. William B Dundas C.B., of the Royal Artillery.The deceased General had been fifty five years in the service: served at the siege of Flushing in 1809 and assisted at Ciudad Rodrog, and at Badajos in 1812. At the former he was wounded in the right ankle and was most severely and dangerously wounded at Badajos, being compelled to have his left arm amputated and had his left thigh dislocated and hip bone shattered. He received the silver war medal and two clasps.
    iii. Agnes Dundas born 7/1/1789 in the Isle of Man married 7/7/1815 at Lewisham Rev Robert Jones his Majesty's senior chaplain at the Cape of Good Hope. (Caledonian Mercury 24/7/1815). Died 3/1/1847 at Jersey. The Rev. Robert Jones was later vicar at Bedfont and died 1844 in Jersey. Issue:
      . Agnes Eliza Jones born 1822 Bedfont, Middx
      .. Isabella Jones born 1823 Bedfont, Middx
      ... Anne Jones born 1828 Bedfont, Middx
    iv. Ralph Dundas born 24/8/1790 in the Isle of Man. In 1851 he was living in St. Ninians, Stirlingshire

John Dundas
Son of: Ralph Dundas
and: Helen Crawford (Burnett)
born: 16/10/1701
died: 1780
Built Airthrey House 1747, which was sold in 1759
john dundas
1st: Anne Murray x 1728 in Stirling 
  the following children were born of this union:
1. John Dundas born 1731 Stirling
2. Gilbert Dundas born 1732 Stirling. Died without issue
3. William Dundas born 1732 Stirling. Died without issue
4. James Dundas born 1733 Stirling. Went to America 1757
5. Lilias Dundas born 1736 died unmarried
6. Ralph Dundas a General in the army who died 7/2/1814. Colonel of the 8th regiment of Foot and the 11th Dragoons. Governor of Duncannon Fort, Ireland. Buried St. Marylebone, Westminster. He was commissioned cornet by purchase in 4th Dragoons on 30th May 1755. Promoted lieutenant by purchase on 26th January 1758, he served as adjutant 24th August 1758 to 20th January 1762 before purchasing a captaincy in 11th Dragoons on 12th February 1762. Having served in Germany in the last year of the Seven Years' War, Dundas was placed on half-pay on 25th April 1763, upon the reduction of his regiment following the coming of peace. On 16th September 1763, he exchanged from half pay back to a captaincy in 11th Dragoons and purchased the regiment's majority on 6th June 1770. Promoted lieutenant-colonel by brevet on 11th September 1775, he purchased the regimental lieutenant-colonelcy on 27th September 1775 and was promoted colonel by brevet on 16th May 1782 - the 11th becoming Light Dragoons in 1783. Promoted major general on 28th April 1790, he commanded a heavy cavalry brigade in Flanders in 1794 and was made colonel of 8th (or the King's) Regiment of Foot on 30th July 1794. Promoted lieutenant-general on 26th January 1797, he was appointed to command the Midland District in Ireland and served throughout the Irish Rebellion of 1798, initially with distinction at Kilcullen in May but subsequently attracting criticism because of his lenient attitude to surrendered rebels. He was promoted general on 29th April 1802 and governor of Duncannon Fort, Co. Wexford.
Married, 29/1/1780 in Fulford, York, Diana Moies. This marriage ended in divorce in 1796 due to adultery by Diana with Craven Foulis Brown a surgeon in Beverley, York. The divorce papers state that on the 25/11/1795, Diana had a female child and that the father was Craven Foulis Brown and that the child was taken away following the birth by the father on horseback. Throughout this period Ralph Dundas was overseas with the 11th Dragoons. He died in London on 7th February 1814 leaving issue:
ralph dundas
General Ralph Dundas
  a. Ralph Peter Dundas of Manour. A Captain in the King's Liverpool Regiment of Foot. Appointed 1806 His Majesty's Commissioner of Inland Excise and Taxes In Ireland. Married Marianne La Touche (died 8/1836) and died 1828 at his home in Newbury, Co. Kildare. He was interred in the La Touche family vault at Harristown. He died without issue and as there were no further direct male heirs in Scotland, he was succeeded by his cousin Thomas Dundas
7. John Dundas born 1739 Stirling
8. Thomas Dundas born 1742 went to America
2ndly: Agnes Haldane (died 1779) No issue

Thomas Dundas
  Son of: Ralph Dundas
and: Elizabeth Wrangham
born: 27/3/1787
  occupation: Lt. Colonel Bengal Army
  died: 30/6/1840 died and buried Landour, India
  x 22/8/1825 in Calcutta, India Eliza Georgina Bristow (d. 7/11/1879, Bayswater) - (London Daily News 10/11/1879)
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Edward Colebrooke Dundas born 27/11/1826 died 7/9/1827 Calcutta, India
2. Edward Thomas Dundas
3. Amelia Catherine Anne Dundas born 7/11/1830 India. Married 1852 William Henry Bowen (The Gentleman's magazine. v.193 1852 Jul-Dec)
4. Emily Eliza Anne Dundas born 1830 Calcutta, India
5. Eliza Georgina Caroline Dundas born 1833 Calcutta, India. Married 1851 in Calcutta Roger Dansey
6. Ralph Bristow Dundas born 27/4/1833. Colonel Bengal Infantry. Married 1860 in India Esther Jane Harris and died 1910, leaving issue:
  a. Georgina Mary Dundas born 1863. Unmarried
  b. Thomas Duncan Dundas born 1867 married Marion Grace Allen 20/6/1896 at Ladbroke Grove, Middlesex. Occupation shown as an engineer. Died 8/2/1918 in Surrey and had issue:
    i. Doris Grace Dundas born 1899
7. George Charles Dundas born1835 and died aged 5 months at Gerrard's Cross, Buckinghamshire
8. Sophia Sabina Dundas born 17/2/1839 India

Edward Thomas Dundas
  Son of: Thomas Dundas
and: Eliza Georgina Bristow
born: 5/12/1827 Calcutta, India
died: 5/1/1920
  occupation: In the military service of the East India Company in Bengal
Edward Thomas Dundas sold the estate of Manour in 1877 after 250 years of Dundas ownership
1st: x 5/12/1849 in India Louisa Anna Maria Barnard daughter of the Rev. Mordaunt Barnard. Louisa Anna Maria died 17/12/1851 at Boodee Pind, India
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Edward Mordaunt Ralph Dundas born 1850 in India
2ndly: x 1854 at Druisburg, Prussia Everilda Mordaunt Barnard (sister of his first wife) who died 1910 London
  the following children were born of this union:
2. Leland Bowen Dundas born 1857
3. Neville Dundas born 11/2/1859 At Combe Downe, Bath. (Western Daily Press) 16/2/1859)
4. Mordaunt George Dundas born 1861

Edward Mordaunt Ralph Dundas



Son of: Edward Thomas Dundas
and: Louisa Anna Maria Barnard
born: 1/12/1850, India
  died: 1936, Paddington
    Shown on Rugby school register in1865, living at Bilton Road, Rugby
1st: x  3/11/1872 Mary Elizabeth Parry. Divorced 1880 - no issue
2ndly: x 1924 in Kensington Sarah Stockwell  and had issue (marriage appears to have taken place a lot later than the birth of children):
1. Flora M J Dundas born 1914 in Fulham married 1949 in Paddington Frederick Berry
2. Edward Mordaunt Cameron Dundas born 1916 in Fulham died 1994 in London
3. Donald Arthur Ralph Dundas born 1918 in Fulham married 1967 in London Eileen Caddy and died 2006 in London

Leland Bowen Dundas
  Son of: Edward Thomas Dundas
  and: Everilda Mordaunt Barnard
  born: 1857
  occupation: Clergyman, Church of England
it would appear that Leland Bowen Dundas might well have been the Leland B Dundas who was living in Winnipeg from about 1906 to 1920. He is shown on the 1916 census as being married to Lillian and does not appear to still be a clergyman. His wife was 29 years younger than himself. Lilian and Leland had a son born 1905, Howard Dundas who went on to write "Wrinkled Arrows, good old days in Winnipeg".
Leland Dundas is also shown on the 1906 census for Manitoba. He is shown as being married although no trace of a wife with him. He is shown as immigrating to Canada in 1904.
1st: x 1884 Wilhelmina Rhoda Hillyer who died 8/6/1925
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Leland Mordaunt Dundas. Land Ranger in Kenya, District Commissioner and Magistrate, Captain King's African Rifles. Born 1885 educated at Malvern school married 1stly 1910 Maria Heighham Oakes 2ndly circa 1928 Ruth Allender (died 14/7/1982, Warminster, Wiltshire) and died 15/4/1961 leaving issue from his first wife:
  a. Patricia Violet Dundas born 2/1914 Kenya
  b.  Ian Nigel Dundas born 23/8/1915 in Kenya died 1996 in California
2. David Edward Mordaunt Dundas born 1889 in Cornwall died 1900 at Pusey, Faringdon, Berkshire
2ndly: x 1926 Maud Hills in Oxfordshire, England

Neville Dundas
Son of: Edward Thomas Dundas
and: Everilda Mordaunt Barnard
born: 11/2/1859 in Bath
died: 16/10/1935, Strathspey
occupation: Vicar at Holy Trinity, Stepney and after at St. John's Notting Hill
1st: x  22/9/1881 Paddington, Edith Mary Oakley (died 14/12/1918 in Comrie, Perthshire) daughter of John Jeffreys Oakley
2ndly: x Margaret Ruth Shelley

Mordaunt George Dundas
mordaunt george dundas mordaunt george dundas
Son of: Edward Thomas Dundas
and: Everilda Mordaunt Barnard
born: 1861
occupation: G.P.
died: 27/4/1919, Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire
1st: x 17/4/1880 at St. Marylebone, Charlotte Emmeline Brown who died 28/1/1881 aged 18 at Brighton. (Both parties were under the legal age when married and Charlotte married Mordaunt Dundas without the consent of her legal guardians, her parents having died a few years before. This resulted in her inheritance being over thrown in the courts). The Law Times 1881.
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Lottie Everilda Dundas born 1881 married 1906 Alfred Edward Haig
2ndly: x 1885 Eleanor Beatrice Barber born 1861 and died 21/10/1944 at Victoria, British Columbia - divorced 1901, see newspaper article below
  the following children were born of this union:
2. Nellie Faith Dundas born 1886 Norfolk married 1908 Captain Francis Edward Phillip. Died 7/1/1955 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
3. Everilda Agnes Dundas born 20/11/1888 Norfolk married 1stly James Richardson 2ndly 1914, Arthur Edward Anstee, 3rdly James Field. Died 3/1/1927 British Columbia, Canada
4. Violet Mordaunt Dundas born 1891 Norfolk married John Norman and died in Victoria, B.C. 8/1/1985 leaving issue: Margaret, Ann, Norman
5. Mordaunt Dundas born 20/8/1893 Norfolk.
The Times, 20/4/1901 Probate, Divorce and Admiralty Division. Dundas v Dundas
This was the petition of Eleanor Beatrice Dundas, nee Barber, for a judicial separation from Dr. Mordaunt George Dundas, on the ground of his adultery with a young lady of good family, whose name the President said need not be mentioned in open Court. Mr Priestley said that the parties were married on 23rd April 1885, at St Peter's Church, Brighton and there were four children of the marriage. The respondent was a medical man practising in Norfolk and the petitioner lived happily with him until in 1895 he made the acquaintance of a young lady who lived in the county with her parents. From that time the respondent's manner towards his wife entirely changed. He threw up his practise in the country and started one in Norwich and eventually he came to London and for a time lived in Bayswater. In April 1898, he took the young lady to Scotland and on his return to London, promise his wife that he would break of the liaison. He then took a practice at Ealing, but on June 28, he left home suddenly, having sent his wife out to do some shopping for him. It subsequently transpired that he had gone to Australia with the young lady, although he wrote frequently home to his wife protesting that he was in Sydney alone. The petitioner offered to forgive him if he had really broken off the liaison and in September 1900, the respondent returned to England from Sydney in the steamship Australian of the Aberdeen line. The respondent came home as the ship's doctor and he and the young lady (who was with him) passed as Dr and Mrs Dundas. The lady however left the ship at Gravesend, while the respondent proceeded up the river and was met at the docks by his brother who was a clergyman. After the respondent had been served with the citation and petition, he went down to Bedford and endeavoured to persuade his wife to become reconciled to him, and it became necessary for her to obtain police protection. The President granted a judicial separation with costs and gave the petitioner custody of the children.
N.B It would appear that a child was born to Mordaunt George Dundas in 1900 in Australia as there is a burial record for a Philip Mordaunt Dundas in Penrith, Australia. The child is shown as being 0 years of age and the father shown as Mordaunt Dundas and the mother as Ellen Marjory.
On the 1911 census for Manitoba, Canada, Mordaunt George Dundas is shown as living with Ellen his wife and his son Mordaunt Dundas issue from his marriage to Eleanor Beatrice along with his children from Ellen Girling: Ruth and Guy Dundas.
Eleanor Beatrice Dundas nee Barber went to British Columbia about 1919 and lived with her daughter Everilda Agnes Dundas and her husband James Field.
3rdly: Ellen Margaret Girling born 1872 in Norfolk and died 8/4/1946 Pembrokshire
  the following children were born of this union:
6. Ruth Margaret Dundas born 1907 Canada married David Brock 1932 in Pembrokeshire
7. Guy Mordaunt Dundas born 1909 Canada married 1934 Doris Lavina James in Pembrokeshire (died 1998 in Pemborkshire) and died 1985 in Pembrokeshire, Wales, leaving issue:
  a. Shirley Dundas married Gordon Sunderland 1975 in Pembrokeshire
8. Marjorie Hope Dundas born 1912 Canada married Norman Fuller 1937 in Pembrokeshire

Mordaunt Dundas
Son of: Mordaunt George Dundas
and: Eleanor Beatrice Barber
born: 20/8/1893 Norfolk, England
died: 28/6/1985 in Victoria, B.C
occupation: Served with the Canadian Overseas Expeditionary Force in World War 1. Electrical Engineer.
1st: 25/5/1917 Janet Gibson, daughter of James and Margaret Gibson
  the following children were born of this union:
  1. Mordaunt Edward Dundas born 13/4/1918, died 1927
  mordaunt edward dundas
  Memorial For Mordaunt Edward Dundas, erected by his grandparents James and Margaret Gibson
Janet Dundas nee Gibson, sued for divorce in 1926 claiming Mordaunt Dundas was living in Ontario, Canada and that he had committed adultery with Margaret Muriel Denham and that a female child had been born as a result in November 1919. See below:
2. Margaret Mordaunt Eleanor Dundas born 1919 married 1st ? Nicholson and had issue: Paul Nicholson born 1942. Margaret Dundas married 2ndly, ? Staples and had Issue: Philip Staples. Margaret Dundas married 3rdly, ? Reekie and had issue: Stephen Reekie, Nicholas Reekie, Diana Reekie and Jo Reekie.
Between the years of 1923 and 1926, Mordaunt Dundas was living in Scotland with Margaret Muriel Denham, but it appears that in 1926 he left Scotland for Canada. The shipping list shows he travelled alone and that he gave his occupation as engineer,.
2ndly: Jean?
  the following children were born of this union:
  3. Mordaunt George Dundas born 1931 in Winnipeg, Canada. Married Kay (d.2011) and died 29th June 2012 leaving issue: Scott Dundas, Byron Dundas, Eric Dundas and Terri Dundas
  mordaunt george dundas
  Mordaunt George Dundas
  The Lethbridge Herald, Alberta, Canada, 2712/1932 -“Pluckily hiking from Winnipeg to Vancouver, while drawing a sleigh on which was perched their smiling 14-month-old baby, Mr and Mrs Mordaunt Dundas, formerly of Winnipeg, have arrived at Edmonton on their way to Vancouver”.
N.B. There is a record for a Mordaunt Dundas (merchant seaman), born 16/9/1931 in Winnipeg, Canada which is most likely this particular Mordaunt George Dundas
3rdly Marie Blanche Gregoire, died 1992 in Victoria, B.C. Canada
Winnipeg Free Press 22/8/1938 Edinburgh Woman Seeks M. Dundas
Mrs. M. Nicolson 19 Comely Bank road, Edinburgh, Scotland, wants to locate Mordaunt Dundas, who left Edinburgh for Winnipeg in 1924. Mr. Dundas, who resided in Winnipeg before the war and served overseas with the Royal Fusiliers, had a mother living in Vancouver. He had two sisters, Violet and Mrs. James Field. Mrs. Nicholson believes he may have gone from Winnipeg to Vancouver.