Magdalen Allardice
Daughter of: Thomas Allardice
and: Jane Burnet
born: 16th April 1655
  John Dundas
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Thomas Dundas
2. Anna Dundas
3. John Dundas
4. Magdalen Dundas
5. Margaret Dundas
6. Elizabeth Dundas
7. Helen Dundas

George Boyce Allen
Son of: Sir George Wigram Allen (1824-1885)
and: Marian Clapham Boyce
died: Sunday 17 June 1945 in Oxfordshire
  Isabella Dundas  x Saturday 13 December 1888
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Margaret Primrose Dundas Allen born Wednesday April 2 1890 in Middlesex,
2. Eleanor Marian Dundas Allen born 1892 New South Wales died 1953 in Oxfordshire, England. Eleanor Marian Dundas Allen wrote a small 63 page book of poems 'The Wind on the Downs' published by A. I. Humphreys in 1918. As well as the title poem this book also contained the poem “The Raiders” which describes early war-time aviation and was written just a few days before she received news that her fiancée had been shot down and killed on a bombing raid in 1917. She never married.
  Eleanor Marian Dundas Allen
3. George Wigram Dundas Allen born 1894 married 1923 Mary Hoskins, died 1970 in NSW
4. Janet Dundas Allen born 1897
5. Laurence Dundas Allen born 1900 married 1933 Ruth Edith Mary Rait and died 1961 in Scotland
6.. Bruce Fairfax Dundas Allen born 1900 married 1930 Yvette Appleton, died 1933 in Surrey

Margaret Primrose Dundas Allen
Daughter of: George Boyce Allen
and: Isabella Dundas
born: Wednesday April 2 1890
died: 1987
  Sir Reginald Wildig Allen Leeper x 1st January 1917, Melbourne

Helen Arnot
Daughter of: William Arnot of Balbarton, Fife
and: Matilda Johnstoun
  Alexander Dundas of Fingask

Grace Bagan

Daughter of:  
born: Tuesday 6 September 1921
  Hal Wilbur Dundas   x Friday 18 April 1941
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Joanne Marie Dundas Monday 8 February 1943
2. James Michael Dundas Saturday 18 January 1947
3. Kenneth Bruce Dundas Tuesday 20 February 1951
4. Donald Robert Dundas Tuesday 9 March 1954 
5. Patricia Ann Dundas Thursday 18 April 1957 

Bethia Baillie
Daughter of: John Baillie of Castlecary
  Thomas Dundas
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Thomas Dundas circa 1710
2. Laurence Dundas 1712 
3. William Dundas Wednesday 11 September 1715 in Edinburgh
4. Balioll Dundas
5. George Dundas
6. Margaret Dundas
7. Bethia Dundas

Harington Balfour
Son of:  
  Isobel Kinloch

Violet Florence Barclay
Daughter of:  
  Edward Douglas John Hay  x Thursday 18 October 1917 
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Maryoth Christine Hay Sunday 1 September 1918
2 David George Montagu Hay Tuesday 25 October 1921 
3. Caroline Susan Elizabeth Hay Monday 20 October 1930

Abraham Gray Harford Battersby
Son of: John Scandrett Harford
and: Louisa Hart Davis
  1. Elizabeth Grey Dundas  x 1816 
    the following children were born of this union:
  John Battersby
  Thomas Dundas Harford Battersby
  Mary Harford Battersby
  Eleanor Dundas Harford Battersby