Eleanor Dundas Harford Battersby
Daughter of: Abraham Gray Harford Battersby
and: Elizabeth Grey Dundas
born: 1819
died: 1884

John Battersby Harford
Son of: Abraham Gray Harford Battersby
and: Elizabeth Grey Dundas
born: 1819
died: 1875
Occupation: J.P. for Gloucester and Cardigan
On succeeding to Blaise Castle, took the surname of Harford

Whitehall, February 12, 1850.
The Queen has been pleased to grant unto John Harford Battersby, Esquire, Barrister-at-Law, eldest son of Abraham Gray Harford-Battersby (formerly Abraham Gray Harford), of Stoke- park, in the parish of Westbury-upon-Trim, in the county of Gloucester, Esquire, Her Royal licence and authority that he may henceforth use
the surname of Harford after instead of before that of Battersby, and be called John Battersby Harford, in lieu of John Harford Battersby : And to command that the said royal concession and declaration be recorded in Her Majesty's College of Arms. Crown-Office, February 11, 1850

  Mary Charlotte von Bunsen x 1850
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Alice Mary Elizabeth Battersby Harford
2. Mary Edith  Battersby Harford  married Alban Gwynne and died 1917
3. Constance Amelia Battersby Harford
4. Charlotte Louisa Battersby Harford born 1857
5. Agnes Clementine Battersby Harford born 1859
6. John Charles Harford (Major) Lord of the Manor of Lampeter, of Blaise Castle, Gloucestershire, and Falcondale, Lampeter, D.L., J.P. Co. Cardigan and Co. Gloucester, High Sheriff Co. Cardigan 1885. Born  28/7/1860, married 1893, Blanche Amabel Raikes and died in 1934 leaving issue:
  a. John Henry Harford. Lieutenant 1st Battalion South Wales Borderers. Born February 7th 1895. Killed in action October 26th 1916
  b. Sir (George) Arthur Harford, 2nd Bt., O.B.E. Born December 29th 1897. Educated Harrow School and Royal Military College, Sandhurst. Served 21st (E. of I.) Lancers 1917-23, 17/21st Lancers and General Staff 1940-45; J.P., D.L., Cardiganshire; High Sheriff 1938-39; D.P. Hampshire 1953. Married 1931 Anstice Marion Tritton
7. Frederick Dundas Harford born 1862. High Sheriff, 1920; entered Diplomatic Service, 1885; served at Petrograd, 1886-1890; Athens, 1891-1892; Rio de Janeiro, 1892-1894; Paris, 1894-1897; Munich, 1897-1900; Berlin, 1900-1901; Brussels, 1901-1902; Buenos Ayres, 1902-1906; acting as Chargé d'Affaires at Munich, Brussels, Santiago, and Buenos Ayres on several occasions; Councillor of Embassy and Chargé d'Affaires at Darmstadt, 1906; Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary at Caracas (Venezuela), 1911-1916; retired, 1916; FRGS; received Coronation Medal, 1911; Commander of Baden Order of Lion of Zähringen; was a British Delegate at Wild Birds' Protection Conference at Paris, 1895. married 1896, Amy Mary Josephine Stourton daughter of Henry Stourton, JP, of Holme Hall, Yorkshire and died 28/4/1931, leaving issue:
  frederic dundas harford
  a. Joan Mary Harford born 1897
8. Eleanor Dorothy Harford married 1889 John Iltyd Dillwyn Nicholl
  blaise house
  Blaise House
  falcolndale mansion house
  Falcondale Mansion House

Mary Harford Battersby
Daughter of: Abraham Gray Harford Battersby
and: Elizabeth Grey Dundas
born: 1823
died: 1885
  Henry de Bunsen

Thomas Dundas Harford Battersby
Son of: Abraham Gray Harford Battersby
and: Elizabeth Grey Dundas
born: 1823 at Mortimer House, Clifton, Bristol
died: 1883
Occupation: Vicar of St. John's Keswick

A marble memorial to Rev Battersby was placed inside the church very shortly after he died. The text reads:

In memory of
The Rev T. D. Harford Battersby, M.A., Oxon.
For two years curate
and thirty-two years vicar of this parish,
Who died 23 July 1884, aged 60 years,
Revered and loved.
Well done thou good and faithful servant.

  Mary Forbes x 1854
  the following children were born of this union:
1. John Harford Battersby (Rev) born 1857 married 1887 Edith and had issue:
a. Henry Dundas Harford Battersby born 1889 married Agnes Phipps
b. Mary Battersby born 1890
2. Dundas Harford (Rev) born 23/10/1858, married Enid Howell 1893 and died 1953 leaving issue:
a. Dorothea Harford born 1895
b. Enid Mary Dundas Harford born 1897
c. James Dundas Harford, Sir, KBE CMG. Born 1899 and died 1993. Married 1st 1932: Countess Thelma Alberta Louisa Evelyne Metaxà, who died 1934. They had issue: Giles Harford. Married 2ndly 1937: Lilias Madeline Campbell. They had issue: 2 daughters
d. Emil Willard Harford born 1891
3. George Harford Battersby born 1860, married 1899 Helen Antoinette Impey and had issue:
a. Mary Harford Battersby born 1890
4. Mary Elizabeth Harford Battersby born 1862
5. Alfred Harford Battersby born1863
6. Charles Forbes Harford Battersby, (Doctor) born 1864, married 1893, died 1925. (Dropped the second half of his surname in later life).

Elizabeth Kiefer Beardsley

Daughter of: James Christie Beardsley
and: Sheryl Anne Dundas Bartolucci
born: 30 September 1983

James Christie Beardsley
Son of:  
  Sheryl Anne Dundas Bartolucci x Saturday 16 May 1981
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Elizabeth Kiefer Beardsley o Friday 30 September 1983

David Samuel William Best
Son of:  
born: 25 February 1896
  Marion Louley Dundas x 21 June 1928
  the following children were born of this union:
1. David William Best
2. John Vincent Welland Best

David William Best
Son of: David Samuel William Best
and: Marion Louley Dundas
born: 1 January 1930
  Linda Randall x March 1968

John Vincent Welland Best
Son of: David Samuel William Best
and: Marion Louley Dundas
born: 5 February 1933
  Patricia Anne Hobbes x 13 September 1957 

Margaret Birrell
Daughter of:  
born: 5 February 1933
  Luigi Vincenzo Dundas Bartolucci x 1934