Sir John Dundas
  Son of: Archibald Dundas
and: Jane Carnegie
born: circa 1595
died: 1678
1st: x Anne Moncreiff daughter of Sir William Moncrieff 
2ndly: x 1645 Margaret Dundas daughter of George Dundas of Dundas 
  the following children were born of this union:
1. John Dundas christened 11/4/1654 

The Barony of Fingask was in the parish of Rhynd, about five or six miles from Perth. 
Sir John Dundas was loyal to his Sovereign and raised and maintained a troop of horse at his own expense for his Majesty's service (Charles1). This ruined him and he was forced to sell Fingask. Sir John Dundas purchased in 1655 a small property called Ballindarg, in the parish of Kirriemuir, in Forfarshire, which became for a time, the family home.

John Dundas of Fingask succeeded his father in 1624. He was knighted at Dunfermline by King Charles 1 in 1633. His loyalty to his sovereign induced him to expose his fortune in the royal cause, which was then greatly diminished.

Under the Commissariot of Brechin Sir John Dundas is listed 15/4/1662 and shown as sometimes of Fingask.

"The Diary of Mr. John Lamont" : 1650 - This year Mr. Robert Makgill, a Lord of the Session bought from Fenges Dindaffe (sic), commonly called the Baron of Feinges, his lands lying beside the waters of Tay, near the carse of Gowrie.

John Dundas

Son of: Sir John Dundas
and: Margaret Dundas
born: 11/4/1654 Ballindarg, Forfar, Angus.
died: 1724
  x Magdalen Allardice  daughter of Thomas Allardyce of Duninald
  the following children were born of this union: 
1. John Dundas christened March 1676 at Craig by Montrose, Angus. Married 1694, Mary Arnot
2. Anna Dundas christened 24/1/1678 at Craig by Montrose, Angus
3. Magdalen Dundas christened 15/3/1679 at Craig by Montrose, Angus
4. Thomas Dundas christened 30/8/1680 at Craig by Montrose, Angus
5. Margaret Dundas christened 1/1/1683 at Craig by Montrose, Angus. Married 1733 James Seton
6. Elizabeth Dundas christened 19/4/1688 at Craig by Montrose, Angus
7. Helen Dundas

Thomas Dundas
Son of: John Dundas
and: Magdalen Allardice
born: 30/8/1680
occupation: Factor and Commissioner for Count Anthony Leslie of Balquhain. Merchant at the Luckenbooths in Edinburgh. Burgess of Garioch, Aberdeen.
died: Wednesday 2nd June 1762. Buried in Old Greyfriars Churchyard
  x Bethia Baillie daughter of John Baillie of Castlecary and Margaret Baillie daughter of Baillie of Mannerhall. Bethia was heiress of Castlecary and died April 1756. (Scots Magazine 5/4/1756)
  the following children were born of this union: 
1. Balioll Dundas born 12/4/1709 (male)
2. George Dundas born 7/8/1710
3. Thomas Dundas born circa 1711 
4. Laurence Dundas  ancestor of the Earls of Zetland, born 1712
5. William Dundas born Wednesday11 September 1715 in Edinburgh
6. Margaret Dundas christened 8/2/1717 in Edinburgh died at Carron Hall 1761
7. Bethia Dundas born 29/7/1719 in Edinburgh 

From the Early History of Kintore; " 1744- The said magistrates and town council do hereby nominate and appoint Thomas Dundass of Fingask Esqr, tacksman of the estate of Balquhan, lying within the presbytery of Garioch, who is a burgess of the said burgh, their commissioner to the next General Assembly of this Church"

In 1729 Thomas Dundas purchased the lands of Powfouls, in the parish of Airth, Stirlingshire. He also purchased part of the lands, with the kirklands of Bothkenner and obtained from the Crown a charter by which “the names and designations thereof were to be changed into that of Fingask for all time coming, to hold from the Crown for the duties therein specified. Dated at Edinburgh, 22 June 1732" The adjoining small property of Letham, also in the parish of Airth, was also purchased.


Thomas Dundas
Son of: Thomas Dundas
and: Bethia Baillie
born: 1711
  • M.P in Orkney and Shetland. 1768-1770. Burgess of Edinburgh. Deputy Lyon King of Arms. Commissioner of Police 
died: 17/4/1786 at Carron Hall. (Caledonian Mercury, 19/4/1786) Buried at Greyfriars churchyard in the Dundas of Fingask tomb.
1st: x 1737 Anne Graham (died 1744)

From The Daily Gazetter, Nov 3rd 1737. - "On Tuesday, Thomas Dundas of Letham, junior, was married to Miss Anne Graham, a virtuous and beautiful young lady, daughter to James Graham of Airth, Judge Admiral."

  No issue
2ndly: x 11/11/1744 Lady Janet Maitland
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Elizabeth Dundas
2. Bethia Dundas
3. Thomas Dundas
4. Charles Dundas
5. Margaret Bruce Dundas
6. Mary Dundas
7. A daughter born 17/5/1756. (Scots Magazine 3/5/1756)
8. Janet Dundas

In 1750, Thomas Dundas purchased the property of Quarroll (later known as Carron Hall) and in 1751 he also purchased Torwood Castle, which remained in the Dundas family till the year 1882.

carron hall
Carron Hall in Stirlingshire, purchased by Thomas Dundas of Fingask.
This and many other photographs available at Falkirk Museums, Callendar House..

Torwood Castle.
The ruin of this castle stands about a quarter of a mile to the westward of the turnpike road from Falkirk to Stirling, surrounded by the remains of the ancient Caledonian forest. Its history is involved in much obscurity. It was long in possession of the Baillies, who were at the same time proprietors of Castlecarry, in the parish of Falkirk. One of these Baillies married a daughter of the first Lord Forrester, by whom he became father to the second Lord Forrester, from whom this estate came by purchase into the possession of the late Thomas Dundas, Esq. The forest of Torwood is associated with all that is ennobling in patriotism and personal valor. Here stood Wallace's oak, 12 feet in diameter, in the hollow of which he and his patriotic companions, it is said, used to meet and concert their plans for wrestling their country from the grasp of the ambitious Edward.

Major General Thomas Dundas
Son of: Thomas Dundas
and: Lady Janet Maitland
born: Tuesday 30 June 1750
education: Educated at Edinburgh High School
  • Major-General in 80th Foot Regiment. MP for Orkney and Shetland 1771-1780, 1784-1790. Governor of Guernsey. Appointed to the board of commission in 1783 following the war with  America, to look into the claims for compensation to those "who having remained loyal to the mother country, had suffered in their rights, properties and profession" 
died: Tuesday June 3 1794 in Guadeloupe of yellow fever
major general dundas
  x Sunday May 9 1784 Lady Eleanor Elizabeth Home
  the following children were born of this union: 
1. Clementina Dundas
2. Janet Maitland Dundas
3. Eleanor Primrose Dundas
4. Charlotte Dundas
5. Thomas Dundas
6. Anne Whitley Dundas
7. Elizabeth Grey Dundas

Thomas Dundas succeeded as Laird of Carron Hall upon the death of his father in 1786. He had entered the army in 1766 and served in America during the Seven Years War, which commenced in 1775, as Lieutenant Colonel of the 80th Regiment of Foot.

In 1782, Colonel Dundas returned home and in February of that year, peace was concluded with America and the treaty signed, which declared the United States "free, sovereign and independent." The war with America had ended, but it had left its legacy to the nation in a long list of claims for compensation to those "who having remained loyal to the mother-country, had suffered in their rights, properties and profession."

By an act of Parliament dated "the 23rd year of the reign of his present Majesty George the Third," 1783, a commission was appointed to examine the nature and justice of these claims. The appointment of commissioner was thus offered to and accepted by Colonel Thomas Dundas.

In 1793, Thomas Dundas joined Sir Charles Grey's expedition to the West Indies. He was now "Major General." The horrors of the French Revolution were at their height in the year 1793. The National Convention, under its leaders, Danton and Robespierre, had declared war with Great Britain early in the year and the object of the expedition, now starting at its close for the West Indies, was to attack the French in their possessions in those islands.

Major General Dundas was buried in the principal bastion of Fort Maltilde, on the island of Guadeloupe. When the French regained possession of Guadeloupe on the 10th December 1794, Victor Hughes, Commander of the French army issued the following proclamation;
" That the body of Thomas Dundas, interred in Guadeloupe, shall be taken up and given as prey to the birds of the air."

Many years later, there was discovered in a garden in Trinidad a marble urn and tablet and on the tablet was the following inscription;
who, with great professional abilities and with a mind generous and brave, fell a sacrifice to his zeal and exertion in the service of his King and country, on the 3rd day of June 1794, in the forty fourth year of his age. His remains were interred in the principal bastion of Fort Maltide, in the island of Guadeloupe, in the conquering of which he bore a most distinguished share, and which he commanded at his death.
This tablet was erected by his brother officers as a mark of their high esteem for his many valuable qualities, and their regret for his loss"

The outrage shown to the treatment by the French to the remains of so distinguished an officer, excited strong feelings in England and by a vote in the House of Commons it was agreed that a monument should be erected in St. Paul's Cathedral to the memory of Major-General Thomas Dundas.

dundas monument
Monument in St. Paul's cathedral to Major General Dundas

Lieut-Colonel Thomas Dundas
Son of: Major General Thomas Dundas
and: Lady Eleanor Elizabeth Home
born: Monday 13 February 1792
education: Marlow College
occupation: Lieutenant-Colonel, 15th Hussars
died: Friday 25 May 1860 in London. Buried at Larbert Churchyard, Stirling, Scotland
  x Saturday 18 February 1815 in Knowle, Warwick Charlotte Anna Boultbee
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Eleanor Elizabeth Dundas born 16th January 1816 in Warwick, England. Died 8/12/1822 at Carron Hall
2. Thomas Dundas christened 20th December 1816 in Warwick.
3. Elizabeth Dundas christened 30th January 1818 in Warwick, died 1818
4. Thomas Dundas christened 24th October 1819  in Knowle, Warwick
5. Joseph Dundas born Thursday 28 November 1822
6. Charlotte Anna Dundas born Tuesday January 6 1824
7. Clementina Dundas born Thursday May 12 1825 
8. Janet Dundas christened 9th June 1828 in Larbert, Stirling, died 1829
9. Janet Dundas born April 6 1829 died March 28, 1831
10. Edward Dundas born August 3 1831 died March 1832

In London, aged 68, Lieut. -Col. Thos. Dundas, of Carron-hall and Torwood. The deceased was the son of Major-Gen. Thomas Dundas and Lady Helena, daughter of the Earl of Home. He attended the Military College at Marlow, and afterwards entered the army as ensign in the 52nd Light Infantry, which formed part of the Light Division. He afterwards joined the 1st Royal Dragoons as lieutenant, and subsequently was appointed captain of the 15th Hussars. He marched into France with the army of occupation, but almost immediately returned home, and in 1815 married Charlotte Anna, daughter of Joseph Boultbee, esq., of Springfield-house, Warwick,
On the breaking out of the war the same year he rejoined his regiment, and in 1816 retired on half-pay with the rank of major, and was subsequently advanced to the rank of lieutenant- colonel. In private conversation the Colonel fought his battles o'er again with a hearty good will. He was firmly attached to the Established Church, in which he was an elder for many years. — Falkland Herald. May 25 1860.

Thomas Dundas

Son of: Thomas Dundas
and: Charlotte Anna Boultbee
born: Thursday 21 October 1819
died: Sunday April 10 1842 in Dresden

Joseph Dundas
  Son of: Thomas Dundas
and: Charlotte Anna Boultbee
born: 28th November 1822
occupation: Major Stirlingshire Militia and Highland Borderers. Lieutenant-colonel in the Volunteers . Magistrate and Deputy Lieutenant for the county of Stirling.
died: 7th July 1872 in France.
  Joseph Dundas was the last of the Dundas of Fingask line in Scotland, as his sons settled in various parts of the world and in particular, Canada.
  x 28/11/1850 Margaret Isabella Moir
    the following children were born of this union:
1. Thomas George Dundas
2. Laurence Armine Dundas
3. Mary Dundas
4. Eleanor Charlotte Dundas
5. Arthur Bruce Dundas
6. Charles Dundas
7. Archibald Cospatrick Dundas
8. Isabella Dundas
9. George Joseph Dundas
10. Charlotte Anna Dundas
(Stirling Observer 4/1/1866) - On Thursday night, the servants at Carronhall were entertained to their annual supper and ball by Colonel and Mrs Dundas. The evening in its festive joys was perhaps one of the happiest of its kind ever spent at Carronhall, and on the present occasion there was a much larger turn-out of friends than usual. After supper and by way of leading off song and sentiment, the health’s of -Mr and Mrs Dundas and family were proposed and enthusiastically responded to. It is very gratifying to find these annual treats by our gentry to their servants now all but universal throughout the country
Falkirk Herald, 11/7/1872 - The Late Colonel Dundas of Carronhall. In this day's obituary will be found the name of a gentleman to whose memory it is but fitting that a tribute of respect should be paid by us - we mean Colonel Joseph Dundas of Carronhall. Previously to the time when he was forced by the state of his health to live abroad, there was no neighbouring landed proprietor whose face was better known in Falkirk, or who manifested a warmer interest in the prosperity of the town and district than Colonel Dundas did. Possessed of great energy of character, he was ever ready to take part in every public movement. He was from the first one of the most active in raising the regiment of Militia connected with the county, in which, till failing health prompted his resignation, he held the rank of major. And no one could have laboured more indefatigably than he did to raise and keep in an efficient state the Administrative Battalion of Stirlingshire Rifle Volunteers, in which body he to the last held the commission of Lieutenant-Colonel. But useful as his labours in such matters were, it is as exemplifying the character of a Christian gentleman that he shone most conspicuously. For twenty years he held the office of elder in the adjacent parish of Larbert, and in that position he devoted himself with a zeal and energy beyond all praise to the task of promoting the spiritual and temporal well-being of the people among whom he lived. Exemplary in his walk and conversation, and scrupulously attentive to all the duties of religion, it will readily be believed that he exerted a powerful influence for good among the mining population in his neighbourhood. And we should be wanting in gratitude if we did not bear in mind that it is mainly to his Christian philanthropy and unwearied exertions that Falkirk is indebted for the excellent Industrial School which has been the means of reclaiming and putting in the way of earning an honest livelihood so many of the waifs and strays of this populous district. Although it may be said that he has been carried off in the prime of life, Colonel Dundas has not passed away without having done much and good work, which will serve long to keep his memory green.

William Dundas

Son of: Thomas Dundas
and: Bethia Baillie
born: Wednesday 11 September 1715 in Edinburgh
occupation: Captain 61st Regiment of Foot
  Ann Hay  x Wednesday 20 November 1748  *
  the following children were born of this union:
  Henry Dundas  born Sunday 28 September 1749
  Margaret Dundas  born Sunday 12 September 1751
  Elizabeth Dundas  born Sunday 23 December 1753

* N.B The above marriage can not be confirmed as definitely being the correct William Dundas.

The family letters at Northallerton record office suggest that William was a troubled soul and caused his father some concern.


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