Mary Davidson
Daughter of: Duncan Henry Caithness Reay Davidson
and: Georgina Elizabeth Mackenzie
born: 1861 in Inverness
died: Sunday 28 October 1923
  x December 1879 Thomas George Dundas
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Thomas Archibald Dundas
2. Ronald George Dundas

Hart Davis
Son of: Richard Hart Davis
and: Sarah Whittingham
born: 6th March 1791
died: 1854
Occupation: M.P.
  x 11 July 1813 Charlotte Dundas

Henry de Bunsen
Son of: Christian, Baron de Bunsen
born: 1819
died: 1885
Occupation: Rector of Donington, Shropshire
  x 1847 Mary Louisa Harford Battersby 
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Laura Emily De Bunsen

Mary Charlotte de Bunsen
Daughter of: Christian, Baron de Bunsen
died: 1919
  x 1850 John Battersby Harford  
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Mary Edith  Harford Battersby married Alban Gwynne and died 1917
2. Charlotte Louisa Harford Battersby born 1857
3. Agnes Clementine Harford Battersby born 1859
4. John Charles Harford (Major). Lord of the Manor of Lampeter, of Blaise Castle, Gloucestershire, and Falcondale, Lampeter, D.L., J.P. Co. Cardigan and Co. Gloucester, High Sheriff Co. Cardigan 1885. Born  28/7/1860, married 1893, Blanche Amabel Raikes and died in 1934 leaving issue:
  a. John Henry Harford. Lieutenant, 1st Battalion South Wales Borderers. Born February 7th 1895. Killed in action October 26th 1916.
  b. Sir (George) Arthur Harford, 2nd Bt., O.B.E. Born December 29th 1897. Educated Harrow School and Royal Military College, Sandhurst. Served 21st (E. of I.) Lancers 1917-23, 17/21st Lancers and General Staff 1940-45; J.P., D.L., Cardiganshire; High Sheriff 1938-39; D.P. Hampshire 1953. Married 1931 Anstice Marion Tritton
5. Frederick Dundas Harford born 1862 married 1896 Amy Mary Josephine Stourton and died 1934 leaving issue:
  a. Joan Mary Harford born 1897
6. Eleanor Dorothy Harford married 1889 John Lltyd Dillwyn Nicholl

Ann Deans Dundas

Daughter of: James Whitley Deans Dundas (Sir)
and: Janet Dundas
born: 19/3/1809 in Clifton, Gloucestershire
died: 8/8/1847
  x May 1829 John Archer Houblon
  No issue

Charles Albert Whitley Deans Dundas
Son of: Charles Frederick Whitley Deans Dundas
and: Adelaide Horridge
born: 1910 Windsor, Berkshire
died: 25/12/1962
Occupation: Major Intelligence Corps
1st: x 31/7/1943 Priscilla Noel Cecilia Barclay
  the following children were born of this union:
  Charles Jeremy Deans Dundas
2ndly: Daphne Vincent Dennis (died 1979 Southampton) x 1958

Charles Jeremy Deans Dundas
Son of: Charles Albert Whitley Dundas
and: Priscilla Noel Cecilia Barclay
born: 14/10/1946
  x 1967 Irene Arthurs

Charles Amesbury Whitley Deans Dundas
Son of: Charles James Whitley Deans Dundas
and: Janet Lindsay Jardine
born: 30/11/1845
died: 9/9/1874 in Bristol
Charles Amesbury Whitley Deans Dundas inherited the estates in Flintshire and Berkshire from his grandfather, Admiral Sir James Deans Dundas.
Charles Amesbury Whitley Deans Dundas was declared bankrupt in1872 in his business of newspaper proprietor, printer and publisher.

At his death he left 1200 Press Association shares to his son Charles Frederick Whitley Deans Dundas.

  Lucy Emma Furze x 1867
  the following children were born of this union: 
1. Florence Mary Whitley Deans Dundas born 1868 in Bath. Married 1889 in Hampshire Henry Le Blanc who died 1910 in Hampshire and had issue:
  a. Lindsay Florence Le Blanc born 1890 married in 1912 Charles C Bradley in Hatfield, Hertfordshire.
2. Charles Frederick Whitley Deans Dundas
3. Amy Gertrude Dundas born 1871 in Gloucestershire, married Oswald Robert Mounsey in 1891.Amy Gertrude Deans Dundas and Oswald Robert Mounsey's marriage ended in divorce in 1901. In 1902 Amy married James Dalzell Niven. They had no children. Later Amy lived with Charles Kenneth Preston-Cole. She was never divorced from Niven but took Preston-Cole's surname by deed poll. Preston-Cole was a bon viveur and a regular habitué of the Carlton Club. The couple lived a luxurious lifestyle, often in the south of France. On her death in 1944 Amy left a mere £359 including the "worthless" Press Association shares (left to her by her grandfather and brother) to her lover. Preston-Cole continued to live in a lavish manner until his death, almost penniless in 1956. He earmarked the residue of his estate- which appeared to be worth hardly anything to four charities: Dr Barnodos, The Royal National Lifeboat Association, The National Institute for the Blind and The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. A quarter of a century later, the "worthless" shares were worth some £1,500,000!
  Issue from Amy and Oswald Mounsey:
  a. Guy Oswald Mounsey born 1894. Went to the Far East and was last heard of in Singapore in 1929. He was officially presumed dead in 1962
(Reading Mercury 19/9/1874). Mr. Charles A. W. Deans Dundas, whose death at an early age we announced in last week's Mercury, was the great grandson of Baron Amesbury (who sat in Parliament for more than half a century, representing Berkshire many years), and grandson of Sir James Dundas (Admiral of the White, commander of the Mediterranean and Black Sea fleets.) The deceased was proprietor of the Western Telegraph, a Bristol daily paper, the publication of which ceased some months ago. He subsequently purchased the Bath Argus, but his experience in the newspaper world proved anything but lucrative and successful. He was of a very liberal disposition, and closely identified with the High Church party at Clifton, where he was known for some time as Brother Cyprian, of the Order of St. Benedict. About two years ago the deceased became lord of the manor of Kintbury, and possessor of the Barton Court estate, a valuable family property, through the decease of his uncle, the vicar of that parish, the Rev. James Whitley Deans Dundas, second son of the distinguished Admiral. The deceased, Mr. Charles Dundas, was but 28 years of age, and his only son, a little boy, succeeds to the estate. On Monday morning, there was a funeral service at All Saints' Church, Clifton, commencing at the somewhat early hour of half-past nine, conducted by the Hon. and Rev. A. Hanbury-Tracy, who, with the choir, met the corpse at the western entrance to the church. The mourners were the widow, with the heir, Master Charles Dundas, and the eldest daughter, Miss Florence Dundas ; his mother ; and cousin, Mrs. Kidston. At the conclusion of the service, which was full choral, there was a celebration of the Holy Communion. The body was subsequently conveyed by Great Western Railway to Kintbury.
The Funeral at Kintbury - Within the short space of two years and one month after the obsequies of the late lamented Vicar of Kintbury, the Rev. James W. Deans Dundas, the family vault was re-opened on Tuesday, to receive the mortal remains of his nephew and heir, Mr. Charles Dundas. The corpse reached Kintbury by rail at 5 o'clock on Monday afternoon, and was met at the station by the estate steward, Mr. Thomas Owen, and Mr C. Leroux.' the latter an old and faithful servant of the family, who accompanied Admiral Dundas through the exciting engagements which took place in the Black Sea and elsewhere. The body was borne from thence to the parish church on the shoulders of several labourers in Mr. Owen's employ, where it was received by the Vicar (Rev. J. F. Campbell) and placed upon a bier in the nave, being covered by a rich velvet pall, of violet colour, with a cross of red velvet; over this was laid a beautiful floral cross, sent from Clifton by the deceased's mother, (the widow of Capt. Charles Dundas, who was the Admiral's eldest son). The brass plate on the coffin bore the following inscription:

" Jesu Mercy. Charles Amesbury Whitley Deans Dundas, Died September 9th, 1874, Aged 28 years."

Wax candles were lighted on either side of the coffin, and kept burning throughout the night. Shortly before 10 o'clock the relatives, friends, and tenantry, assembled at the residence of Mr. William Heath, and walked to the churchyard entrance in the following order ”The widow and mother of deceased, between whom was the only son and heir, about six years of age ; Miss Florence Dundas, the eldest of the two daughters of the deceased; Mrs. J. P. Kidston ; Mr. N. T. Lawrence, the family solicitor; Mr. Charles Howard, Mr. Charles Leroux, Mr Thomas Owen, Mr. Oliver Owen, and the tenantry ”Messrs. Wright, Romaine, Stephen White, Ash by and Truman. The corpse was brought from the church to the entrance gate of the burial ground, and it was then followed by the mourners into the sacred edifice, the Vicar reading the opening sentences of the Burial service, the church was thronged with people of all masses, and among those who occupied seats were General Butler, Mrs C. Howard, Mr. Grigg of Bristol, Mr. Sterling of Bath, and others who had been more or less associated with the deceased gentleman. The service was choral, the singing being conducted by the curate (Rev. A. W. H. Edwards who presided at the organ, and played the Dead March in Saul, as the corpse was borne for the last time out of the church. Many were the tears shed over the open vault, into which the coffin was carefully lowered, the choir singing hymn 163, " When our heads are bowed with Woe. ' The 142nd hymn " Brief life Is here our portion, was also sung, and the widow and other chief mourners descended the vault and deposited immortelles and flowers upon the coffin. Thus closed the obsequies of the young lord of the manor, who had for so brief a period enjoyed the possession of an estate capable of affording an the pleasures a country gentleman could possibly desire. We learn that Mr. Dundas had been suffering from consumption for some months, and that he died somewhat unexpectedly on Wednesday week. The management of the estate is vested in trustees, and Mr. Owen, of Clapton, will continue to act as steward.

Charles Frederick Whitley Deans Dundas
Son of: Charles Amesbury Whitley Deans Dundas
and: Lucy Emma Furze
born: 1870 in London
died: 8/6/1938
Occupation: Major, Royal Warwickshire Regiment
  Charles Frederick had left to him by his father Charles Amesbury Whitley Deans Dundas 1200 Press Association shares, which at the time appeared worthless. On his death he left half to his son, Charles Albert Whitley Deans Dundas and a quarter each to his sisters,  Florence Mary Whitley Deans Dundas and Amy Gertrude Deans Dundas. (see Amy Gertrude Deans Dundas for continuation of story)
1st: x 28th January 1891 Lucy Forbes Lumsden who was born 11th May 1869 and died 1948. The marriage was dissolved in 1908 on the grounds of adultery by Charles Frederick Whitley Deans Dundas.
  No issue
2ndly: x 1908 Adelaide Horridge
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Charles Albert Whitley Deans Dundas
2. Adelaide Whitley Deans Dundas, married 1929 in Marylebone Hubert T Honeybourne