James Edward Dundas
Lord Dundas
Son of: Lawrence Mark Dundas 4th Marquess of Zetland
and: Susan Rose Chamberlin
born: 2/5/1967
  x 16/7/1991 Melanie Whitfield 
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Poppy Alice Dundas born 19/6/1993
2. Emily Rose Dundas born 21/11/1994
3. Milo James Dundas born12/5/1998

James Frederick Trevor Dundas
Son of: Hugh Spencer Lisle Dundas
and: Enid Rosamond Lawrence
born: 4th November 1950. Educated Eton
  x 1979 Jennifer Daukes 
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Clare Jessica Dundas
2. David Lawrence Charles Dundas born 2/5/1989
3. Lucy Rose Dundas born 7/1/1986

Janet Elizabeth Dundas
Daughter of: William Fitzwilliam James Dundas
and: Mary Maud Prinsep
born: 29/7/1911

Jean Agatha Dundas
Daughter of: Laurence John Lumley Dundas
and: Cicely Archdale
born: Thursday 4 May 1916
died: 13/5/1995
  x 2/9/1939 Captain Hector Lorenzo Christie
    the following children were born of this union:
1. William Lawrence Christie
2. Carolyn Anne Christie

Jennifer Elizabeth Mary Dundas

Daughter of: Robert Bruce Dundas
and: Enid Mary Roberts
born: 23/4/1942 in Devon, England
Occupation: Laboratory Technician-Soil Analysist
  x 1963 John Warren Williams
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Patricia Helen Williams
2. Peter Robert Williams born 1/4/1969
3. Andrew Timothy Williams born 1971
4. Sarah Caroline Williams born 1973
5. Rebecca Jane Williams born 1976
6. Michael Gavin John Williams born 1984

Geoffrey William Seymour Dundas
Son of: William Fitzwilliam James Dundas
and: Mary Maud Prinsep
born: Sunday 12 January 1896
died: 2/1/1937
Occupation: Captain Rifle Brigade

John Archibald Lawrence Dundas
Son of: John George Lawrence Dundas
and: Ruth Northrop
born: 30/6/1942. Educated Harvard
Occupation: Doctor
  x 1967 Dorothy Polk Washburn (divorced 1985)
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Michael Henry Lawrence Dundas born 29/7/1969
2. Patrick George Bradford Dundas born 1973
3. Matthew Colgate Dundas born 1976
4. Jennifer Deidre Dundas born 1971

John Charles Dundas
Son of: John Charles Dundas
and: Margaret Matilda Talbot
born: Sunday 21 September 1845 in Edinburgh
died: Tuesday 13 September 1892
Occupation: M.P for Richmond. Magistrate. Lord Lieutenant Orkney and Shetland
john charles dundas
John Charles Dundas
  x Tuesday 2 August 1870 Alice Louisa Wood
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Charles Laurence Dundas
2. Evelyn Mary Dundas
3. Margaret Dundas
4. Frederick James Dundas
5. Alice Katharine Dundas

Hon. John Charles Dundas
Son of: Laurence Dundas 1st Earl of Zetland
and: Harriet Hale
born: Sunday 21 August 1808
died: Wednesday 14 February 1866 in Nice. Buried at Marske
Occupation: M.P for Richmond. Lord Lieutenant Orkney and Shetland
john charles dundas
The Hon. John Charles Dundas
1. x Monday 27 March 1843 Margaret Matilda Talbot
2. Laurence Dundas 1st Marquess of Zetland
3. John Charles Dundas
4. George James Laurence Dundas
5. Frederick Thomas Laurence Dundas
6. William Fitzwilliam James Dundas
7. Cospatric Thomas Dundas
8. Harriot Emily Dundas
9. Mary Dundas
10. Margaret Matilda Dundas
11. Charlotte Jane Dundas
12. Laura Octavia Dundas
13. Alice Dundas

John Charles Dundas
Son of: Frederick James Dundas
and: Sylvia Mary Phillips
born: Thursday 19 August 1915
died: Thursday 28 November 1940 (killed in action)
Occupation: Fighter Pilot  R.A.F. 609 Fighter Squadron, DFC and bar. Journalist

John Dundas joined squadron 609 in the summer of 1938 during a period of rapid expansion of all the armed forces.

He was academically gifted, starting with a scholarship to Stowe at the age of 12 followed a year later with six credits on his school certificate. A further scholarship was won at the age of 17 to Christchurch, Oxford , culminating in a first in modern history. Aftr this breathtaking achievement, he won an award which took him to the Sorbonne and Heidelberg universities.

John was an aristrocrat, intellectual, athelete, humourist and a journalist on the staff on the Yorkshire Post. He was sent to Czechoslovakia at the time of the Munich crisis in 1938 to report on the international response, as he was regarded as a specialist in foreign affairs. Later he accompanied the then Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain and Lord Halifax, the Foreign Minister of State, to Rome to meet Premiere Benito Mussolini.

Squadron Leader Michael Lister-Robinson spoke of John Dundas as "an excellent pilot, if a little overconfident, and had to be watched". On 27th of November 1940, a report came through to squadron operations that a Ju88 was returning to France, crossing the coast not far from Middle Wallop, where the squadron was based. John immediately asked permission to chase it but was refused. He then asked if he could lead a training flight and permission was agreed. As soon as he was airborne, he peeled off the formation and headed straight for the coast at full boost. He managed to catch up with the Ju88 over the Cherbourg peninsula and finished it off. Alone and almost directly above an airfield well stocked with Me109's, he hightailed it back home. The following day his escapades ended when he lost his life. As befitted his life, his departure was observed by a chorus of staff officers and cadets from Sandhurst. The Squadron diary records: "Flight Lieutenant Dundas was heard by the Controller (Flight Lieutenant Fieldsend) and by his CO to say over the RT "Whoopee! I've got a 109" to which Robinson was heard to reply "Good show, John" - after which nothing more was seen or heard of Dundas although Robinson tried persistently to talk to him"
Later that day, it is reported that the Luftwaffe High Command appealed to the Air Ministry for infomation about the fate of one of their top three fighter commanders, a Major Helmut Wick. It was soon established that Major Wick was flying the Me109 which had been shot down by Flt Lt Dundas, soon after which the German no2 and no3 destroyed Johns' aircraft, and also shot down his wingman, Plt Off Baillon. Major Helmut Wick, who had claimed the second highest German total (after Adolf Galland) of 56 victories, was John Dundas' thirteenth victim, and he was posthumously awarded a bar to the DFC already won the previous month.

John George Lawrence Dundas
john george lawrence dundas
John George Lawrence Dundas. Image at
Son of: Cospatric Thomas Dundas
and: Maud Wentworth Fitzwilliam
born: Friday 3 November 1893
died: 26/3/1952 in North Carolina
Occupation: Vice Admiral, Royal Navy. CBE. 1942. CB 1945
  x 22/9/1928 Ruth Northrop daughter of Archibald Coleman. Ruth died 7/2/2005
  the following children were born of this union:
1. John Archibald Laurence Dundas
2. Elgiva Ruth Dundas born 1929
3. Rosemary Maud Dundas
4. Deidre Clare Dundas born 1935 married 1st Enright, 2ndly in Washington 16/7/1961 Dr Walter Monroe Newton
5. Alexandra Mary Dundas born 1946

 Laura Octavia Dundas

Daughter of: John Charles Dundas
and: Margaret Matilda Talbot
died: Wednesday 19 January 1881
  Arthur French, 4th Baron de Freyne of Frenchpark,┬áCounty┬áRoscommon
  the following children were born of this union:
  Gwendoline Mary French, born 1878
  Arthur Reginald French, 5th Baron de Freyne, born 1879

Arthur Reginald French the son of Laura Octavia Dundas and Arthur French 4th Baron de Freyne, was a graduate of Sandhurst and lieutenant in the Royal Fusiliers. He incurred the wrath of his father when on November 18, 1902 he married Annabelle Angus (the daughter of an innkeeper in Banffshire and the divorced wife of a brother officer, one Captain Alexander) and was cut off by his father without a penny. The marriage appears to have been short-lived. Nevertheless, unable to keep himself in the style to which a British officer would become accustomed, he resigned his commission. He sailed on the steamship Umbria for the United States, where he intended either to join the North West Mounted Police, or to travel to the ranch of his uncle William French in Frenchtown near Cimarron, New Mexico. Landing in New York in mid-January 1905, he checked into the Hotel St.-Denis at 799 Broadway at 11th. By the 19th he had disappeared from the hotel, leaving his substantial and expensive baggage behind. An uproar began, involving the New York City Police and the British consulate, which was widely reported in the press. In mid-February he was discovered nearby, at Fort Slocum, an island post in Long Island Sound just off New Rochelle. On the 24th of January he had enlisted as a private in the U.S. Army, and was assigned to A Company, the 8th Infantry Regiment at Slocum, where he had reported 1 February. Known as “the Dook of Fort Slocum,” he was popular with the other troops, sponsoring dinners for his colleagues on post (by selling his civilian suits). He remained with the regiment when it transferred to the Philippines. He remained in the Philippines and enlisted there several more times (though contrary to legend, remained a private throughout his American service). On September 10, 1913, his father died, and he inherited the title; so in Mindanao on October 19 of that year, he purchased his way out of his American enlistment (a common and allowable practice from 1890 to 1940).

He died on May 9, 1915, in the Battle of Aubers Ridge, fighting alongside his half-brother, the Hon. George Philip French, as a captain in the South Wales Borderers. He was succeeded as Baron de Freyne by another half-brother, Francis Charles French.
arthur r french
Arthur Reginald French

Hon. William Fitzwilliam James Dundas
Son of: John Charles Dundas
and: Margaret Matilda Talbot
born: Tuesday 8 May 1860
died: 23/11/1945 in London
Occupation: Estate Manager for Duke of Richmond. Clerk of the course on Goodwood Race Meetings, 1896-1908
william and mary
  x Monday 20 June 1892 Mary Maud Prinsep
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Margaret Beryl Dundas
2. Mary Gwendolen Dundas
3. Geoffrey William Seymour Dundas
4. Robert Bruce Dundas
5. Janet Elizabeth Dundas