Charlotte Dundas
Daughter of: Thomas Dundas
and: Charlotte Fitzwilliam
born: Saturday 18 June 1774
died: Friday 5 January 1855
  x 1808 William Wharton
  the following children were born of this union: 
1. John Wharton
2. James Charles Wharton
  2 more sons and 2 daughters

Lady Charlotte Jane Dundas
daughter of: Laurence Dundas 1st Earl of Zetland
and: Harriet Hale
died: Thursday 29 November 1866. Buried at Marske, Cleveland
  Lady of the bedchamber to H.R.H The Duchess of Kent

Charlotte Jane Dundas
Daughter of: Hon. John Charles Dundas
and: Margaret Matilda Talbot
born: 10/3/1854
died:  30/1/1918, London. Buried at Easby, Yorkshire
charlotte jane

Charlotte Mary Dundas

Daughter of: Thomas Laurence Dundas
and: Mary Jane Bosanquet
  x 1852 Frederick Thompson

Charmain Dundas
Daughter of: Frederick James Dundas
and: Sylvia Mary Phillips
born: 20/5/1931
  x 1955 Maurice R Snowden
  the following children were born of this union:
  John Frederick Hugh Snowden born 1955 
  Mark Lawrence Snowden born 1957
  Katherine Mary Snowden born 1959 (Died an infant)

Clare Jessica Dundas
Daughter of: James Frederick Trevor Dundas
and: Jennifer Daukes
born: 1984

Hon. Cospatric Thomas Dundas
Son of: Hon. John Charles Dundas
and: Margaret Matilda Talbot
born: 5 November 1862
died: 23/11/1906. Buried at Easby, Yorkshire
Occupation: D.L. Orkney and Shetland. J.P. N.Riding, Yorks. Lieutenant York Hus.
  x Monday 20 June 1892 Maud Wentworth Fizwilliam
  the following children were born of this union:
1. John George Lawrence Dundas
2. Winifred Maud Dundas
3. Elgiva Margaret Dundas

Daisy Star Dundas
Daughter of: David Paul Nicholas Dundas
and: Corrina Scott
born: 1985

David Lawrence Dundas
Son of: Robert Bruce Dundas
and: Enid Mary Roberts
born: 15/5/1936, Upminster, Essex. Educated Shrewsbury and Oxford
Occupation: Geologist
1st: x 14/12/1968 Fay Dorine Scott
2ndly: x 3/2/1996 Barbara Estelle Beardslee

Winifred Maud Dundas
Daughter of: Cospatric Thomas Dundas
and: Maud Wentworth Fitzwilliam
born: Saturday 13 April 1895
died: 3/5/1906 in Florence