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Laurence Dundas
1st Earl of Zetland
Son of: Thomas Dundas, 1st Baron Dundas
and: Lady Charlotte Fitzwilliam
born: Thursday 10 April 1766. Educated Harrow and Trinity College, Cambridge
died: Tuesday 19 February 1839. Buried at Marske.
  • Lord Lieutenant and Vice Admiral of Orkney and Shetland. 
  • Lord Mayor of the city of York. (see photo below)
  • M.P. Richmond 1790-1802 and 1808-1811, York 1802-07 and 1811-1820
  • Lieutenant Colonel
1st earl
  x Monday 21 April 1794 Harriet Hale
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Thomas Dundas  born Thursday 5 February 1795
2. Laurence Dundas born 1799
3. Harriott Frances Dundas born 1801
4. William Dundas born 1806 
5. John Charles Dundas born Sunday 21 August 1808
6. Margaret Bruce Dundas
7. Charlotte Jane Dundas

Created Earl of Zetland in 1838 after providing financial assistance to the Duke and Duchess of Kent who were the future Queen Victoria's parents. Laurence Dundas chose the name of Zetland after the lands in Shetland that had been purchased by his grandfather, Sir Laurence Dundas.

The following extract is taken from Wellington's dispatches to Earl Bathurst, Secretary of State.
Flores de Avila, 24th July, 1812.
I am particularly indebted to Lieut. Colonel De Lancy, the Deputy Quarter Master General, the head of the department present, in the absence of the Quarter Master General, and to the officers of that department and of the Staff corps, for the assistance I received from them, particularly Lieut. Colonel the Hon. L. Dundas".

Bury and Norwich Post, 27/2/1839 - On the 19th, at Aske Hall, near Richmond, Yorkshire, aged 75, the Right Hon. Earl of Zetland. His Lordship appeared quite well the day before, but on rising that morning complained of giddiness; he fell into a slumber at noon, and expired about three o'clock without a sigh. The deceased was created Earl of Zetland at the Coronation. He is succeeded in the title by his son, Lord Dundas, M. P. for Richmond, who was last week sworn in Lord- Lieutenant of Yorkshire.

Thomas Dundas
2nd Earl of Zetland
Son of: Laurence Dundas
and: Harriet Hale
born: Thursday 5 February 1795.  Educated Harrow and Trinity College, Cambridge
died: Tuesday 6 May 1873. Buried at Marske
  • Lieutenant of North Riding, Yorkshire. Grand Master of the Freemans of England. M.P. Richmond 1818-1830 and 1835-39, York 1830-32 and 1833-34.
  2nd earl 2nd earl
  x Saturday 6 September 1823 Sophia Jane Williamson
  No issue and Thomas was therefore succeeded by his nephew :
  Lawrence Dundas (1st Marquess of Zetland)

The Dundas family loom large in the history of Yorkshire racing and breeding. The famous 'Aske Spots' colour of the Dundas/Zetland family was first registered in 1774. The 2nd Earl bred the immortal Voltigeur to win the Derby and St. Leger of 1850, indeed there is a Voltigeur memorial gate at Aske Hall. 


Nottinghamshire Guardian 9/5/1873 - Death of the Earl of Zetland.
We have to record the death of the Earl of Zetland, which took place somewhat suddenly on Tuesday morning, at his country seat at Asks Hall, Richmond, Yorkshire. His lordship was first taken ill about two years ago, since which time he has been a frequent sufferer from paralysis, and just previous to the recent parliamentary election for the borough his illness assumed an alarming shape ; but under the care of his private medical attendant he made considerable progress towards recovery, but not sufficient, however, to be enabled to walk about with- out assistance. He continued in this improved state of health until Monday, when he was seized with a sudden general exhaustion, under which he sank gradually Dr Carter, his medical attendant at Richmond, was immediately called in, and remained with his lordship the whole day. In the meanwhile Dr. Gull had been telegraphed for, and be arrived at Darlington at midnight, and was conveyed thence to Aske Hall in his lordship's carriage. The opinion of Dr. Gull was not so unfavourable as to lead to the expectation that his lordship would succumb so soon, and the first intelligence received in Richmond on Tuesday morning was to the effect that his lordship was somewhat better. Shortly after 10 o'clock, however, his lordship showed signs of dissolution, and he continued to sink gradually, and, greatly to the surprise of his friends and those around him, expired about 10.40 a.m. Immediately on the intelligence becoming known in Richmond the tradesmen testified their respect for the deceased Earl by partially closing their establishments, and the British flag was hoisted half-mast high on the old keep of the castle, and several public meetings which were announced to take place have been postponed. The suddenness of his Lordship's death has cast quite a gloom over the neighbourhood, as he visited Catterick Races only a fortnight ago. He also drove into Richmond on Saturday last to transact some business, and on Sunday afternoon he drove through Gilling. His Lordship was born on the 5th of February, 1795, and was therefore in his 79th year. He was educated at Harrow, and was married in 1823 to Sophia Jane, second daughter of Sir Hedworth Williamson, Bart. There was no issue, and her ladyship died in 1865. His Lordship represented Richmond in Parliament from the year 1818 to 1830, and from 1835 to 1839. He was also member for the City of York from 1830 to 1832, and from 1833 to 1835. He was a staunch supporter of the Liberal cause, both in the Houses of Lords and Commons. He was Grand Master of the Freemasons of England for a number of years, and vacated in favour of the Marquis of Ripon about two years ago. He was Provincial Grand Master for the North and East Ridings of Yorkshire, and was also Lord- Lieutenant of the North Riding until a few weeks ago, when he was succeeded by the Marquis of Ripon. His Lordship was appointed Knight or the Thistle under Lord Palmerston's Government, and last year he was made Knight of the Garter. His Lordship was one of the principal supporters of the Turf. The Earl's title will devolve upon Mr. Lawrence Dundas, M. P., whose elevation to the peerage will cause a vacancy for the borough of Richmond.


The Honourable Laurence Dundas
Son of: Laurence Dundas
and: Harriet Hale
born: 1799
died: 1818. Drowned whilst a student at Cambridge University

Lawrence Dundas
1st Marquess of Zetland
Son of: John Charles Dundas
and: Margaret Matilda Talbot
born: Friday 16 August 1844
died: Monday 11 March 1929 at Aske Hall
  • M.P. for Richmond 
  • Viceroy of Ireland 
  • Vice Lord Lieutenant of North Yorkshire
  • Lord - in - Waiting to Queen Victoria
  • Lord Lieutenant of Ireland
1st marquess
Portrait of the 1st Marquess of Zetland.
Collection of the Marquess of Zetland, Aske.
By kind permission of the Marquess of Zetland
  Lady Lillian Lumley
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Hilda Mary Dundas born Sunday 24 November 1872
2. Thomas Dundas born Monday 19 January 1874
3. Laurence John Lumley Dundas born Sunday 11 June 1876 in London
4. Maud Frederica Dundas born Monday 9 July 1877 
5. George Heneage Laurence Dundas born Saturday 1 July 1882

Created 1st Marquess of Zetland 22/8/1892. A strong Liberal at first, Laurence subsequently joined the Conservative Party and was appointed Viceroy of Ireland. He was extremely popular in Ireland due to his strong sympathies, genial disposition and generosity. Indeed when his tenure of office expired and he left Dublin Castle there was genuine regret amongst the Irish people. Laurence was also a keen sportsman and was closely connected with horse racing. He was elected a member of the Jockey Club.

The following is an extract from a newspaper of the time, The cutting was amongst the Zetland Archives at Northallerton Record Office, North Yorkshire. "Hope told a flattering tale to those who conjured up visions of the reform of Dublin Castle. The Vice-royalty is not to be abolished, neither is it to be committed to the care of a Royal Prince. Lord Londonderry's official shoes have gone a begging, like Cinderella's slipper, with the result that they are to be filled by Lord Zetland, an amateur politician and of whom the best that can be said is that he is a sturdy fox-hunting squire. A safe seat in the saddle does not necessarily mean a bed of roses at Dublin Castle. Perhaps Lord Zetland would have been popular in the rollicking days of "Tom Burke of Ours," but the Ireland of the novelist is not the Ireland of to-day"

It is interesting to note that the newspapers of the time could be as unkind as today and I wonder whether the journalist was made to eat humble pie as Lord Zetland proved him wrong on all counts!

1st marquess
golden wedding
Newspaper clipping amongst the Zetland Archives at Northallerton. Photograph taken at the Golden Wedding celebrations of the Marquis and Marchioness of Zetland. August 1921

Nottingham Evening Post, 11/3/1929 - STATESMAN & SPORTSMAN SUDDEN DEATH OF MARQUIS ZETLAND. COLLAPSED AFTER CHAPEL SERVICE. The Marquis of Zetland died suddenly at Aske Hall, Richmond (Yorkshire), this morning, at the age of 85. He attended chapel last night in his usual health, but collapsed and died in a few hours. The Marquis was sometimes spoken of as the sportsman-statesman. As a Dundas, he was head of a distinguished Scottish family, with a tradition for public service. To this tradition he was true. Many years of his long life he gave to public work. Not a few he devoted to sporting interests. Born on August 16th, 1844. Lawrence was the first Marquis and third Earl of Zetland the fourth Baron Dundas, and the fifth baronet. It was his work as Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland that the earldom was raised to marquisate in 1892, the title being Marquis of Zetland and Earl of Ronaldshay, in the county of Orkney and Shetland. It is related that Lord Zetland once created a sensation when, as Viceroy, he went on an official tour along the western coast of Ireland, attired in fisherman's oilskins and sou'wester. Until he became too old to ride hunting was his chief hobby. He was for years Master of the Zetland Hounds, and owned a good portion of the country over they hunted. A clever fisherman, he once landed with fly a Tay salmon which scaled 55lbs. Just before his 84th birthday he set off for Perthshire, where he proved that, despite his years, he had lost none of his skill with the rod. When he was no longer able to follow deer stalking—another of his favourite sports Lord Zetland made over his fine Ross-shire forest to Lord Ronaldshay, his son and heir. A great lover of horses, his carriages were in pre motor days amongst the best appointed in London. Lord Zetland was popular personage in the Richmond division of Yorkshire, where he had his seat, Aske. He was twice Mayor of Richmond, and represented that constituency in Parliament as a Liberal in 1872-3. The marquis paid a pretty tribute to his wife during their golden wedding celebrations in 192. He said he had not succeeded in winning the Derby. He had won other prizes, but the best one, and the one which brought him the greatest happiness, was the one he gained on his wedding day in August, 1871. He was a Lord in Waiting to Queen Victoria in 1880 till 1892, Lord Lieutenant of Ireland, from 1889-1892. As a sportsman and follower of the Turf the marquis followed in the steps of his predecessor, the owner of Voltigeur, Vedette, and other equine celebrities, which made the famous Aske spots so popular, particularly in Yorkshire The racing relics at Aske Hall, in Yorkshire, as well as at the famous town house in Arlington-street, are rich with Doncaster Cups for besides winning it in 1850 with Voltigeur, the famous red-spotted livery was carried successfully in that historic race in successive years by Fandango in 1856, and 1857 and 1859 by the Guineas winner, Vedette. Then, at a year's interval, came a fifth at Sabreun. On the death of his trainer, Joseph Enoch, the latter's son, Harry, took charge of the late peer's horses and turned out many good winners but subsequently Lord George Dundas the younger son of the marquis became trainer to his father. Lord George at first had his stables' at Richmond in Yorkshire, but in 1912 migrated to Newmarket, and several good horses have at various times passed through his hands. Included among these was Pomme de Terre, which won over £14,000 in stakes. Another useful animal to carry the Aske livery was Dynamo, which made some mark as a two year old, winning five races in succession in the North of England, but the hopes he raised of developing into a really high-class performer were only partially realised. He was a Knight of Grace of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem and Provincial Grand Master of the Freemasons in the North Riding and East Riding of Yorkshire. A Privy Councillor, he was a Knight of the Thistle. His ancestor, Lawrence Dundas, created a baronet in 1762, was Commissary-General and contractor to the army. Lord Zetland married in 1871 Lady Lilian Selina Elizabeth Lumley, daughter of the ninth Earl of Scarborough. They had two sons and two daughters.

Thomas Dundas
Son of: Laurence Dundas
and: Lillian Lumley
born: Monday 19 January 1874
died: Wednesday 11 February 1874

Laurence John Lumley Dundas
2nd Marquess of Zetland
Son of: Laurence Dundas
and: Lillian Lumley
born: Sunday 11 June 1876 in London
died: Monday 6 February 1961
Occupation: Governor of Bengal
  Secretary of State for India and Burma.
  A.D.C. to Viceroy of India.(Lord Curzon)
  President of the Royal Geographic Society 1922-1925
2nd marquess of zetland
Portrait of the 2nd Marquess of Zetland. Collection of the Marquess of Zetland, Aske. By kind permission of the Marquess of Zetland.
  Cicely Archdale  
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Laurence Aldred Mervyn Dundas born Thursday 12 November 1908
2. Viola Mary Dundas born Tuesday 4 January 1910
3. Lavinia Margaret Dundas born Thursday 31 December 1914
4. Bruce Thomas Dundas born Monday 18 October 1920 
5. Jean Agatha Dundas born Thursday 4 May 1916 

Laurence Aldred Mervyn Dundas

3rd Marquess of Zetland
Son of: Laurence John Lumley Dundas
and: Cicely Archdale
born: Thursday 12 November 1908.   Educated at Harrow and Cambridge
died: Thursday 5 October 1989
Occupation: Major, Yorkshire Hus. Chairman Catterick Bridge Racecourse.
3rd marquess of zetland
Portrait of the 3rd Marquess of Zetland. Collection of the Marquess of Zetland, Aske.
By kind permission of the Marquess of Zetland
  x Wednesday 2 December 1936  Penelope Pike 
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Lawrence Mark Dundas born Tuesday 28 December 1937 
2. Serena Jane Dundas born Tuesday 10 September 1940 
3. David Paul Nicholas Dundas born Saturday 2 June 1945
4. Richard Bruce Dundas born Saturday 6 January 1951

Obituary, The Times, 11/10/1989 Lord Zetland, who was a prominent figure on the Turf and maintained a long-established hereditary interest and influence in racing matters in the North, died on October 5 at the family home at Aske, near Richmond, Yorkshire. He was 80.
He was for many years Chairman of Catterick Bridge and Redcar Racecourses as well as being a steward at both and also at York. At Redcar, whose most important established race is, appropriately, the Zetland Gold Cup, he was instrumental in the return to great popularity of this seaside track; a progress which has been carried on by Lord Ronaldshay, his eldest son, who has admitted that Redcar and its well-being are something of a family obsession.
The famous Zetland racing colours of ``white, red spots, scarlet cap'' or ``the Aske spots'' were first registered in 1774 and were carried most notably by that great horse Voltigeur, winner of the Derby and St Leger in 1850.
There was no Voltigeur, alas, among the horses which Lord Zetland raced. On the Flat his trainers were Bill Watts and Peter Calver and, under National Hunt rules, Neville Crump, who saddled Canharis, a popular winner of many steeplechases for his owner early in the 1970s.
He maintained a breeding establishment at his home where his mare Bibi Mah bred Jukebox, who was sold but became the winner of the Stewards' Cup at Goodwood in 1970 and Lester Piggott's one and only success in that big sprint.
Lawrence Aldred Mervyn Dundas, third Marquess of Zetland, was born on November 12, 1908, and educated at Harrow and Trinity College, Cambridge. He was an ADC on the staff of the Viceroy of India in the early 1930s, thus continuing a family connection with that country. His father had been Governor of Bengal, was later Secretary of State for India and was also an enlightened and forward-looking Turf administrator.
During the 1939-45 War he was commissioned in the Yorkshire Hussars (Yeomanry) and, serving in the Middle East from 1940 to 1943, was mentioned in despatches.
He was Junior Grand Warden, United Grand Lodge of Freemasons. This and other Masonic appointments continued family tradition at the highest level.
Zetland was elected to the Jockey Club in 1962. He was also a member of the All-England Tennis Club, having been a talented player in his youth.
He leaves a widow, Penelope, three sons and one daughter.

Lawrence Mark Dundas
4th Marquess of Zetland
Son of:  Laurence Aldred Mervyn Dundas
and: Penelope Pike
born: Tuesday 28 December 1937.  Educated at Harrow and Cambridge
Occupation: Deputy Lieutenant North Yorkshire
  DL N Yorks (1994), late 2nd Lt Gren Gds
  Steward Jockey Club 1992-95, Director British Horseracing Board 1993-97
  Earl of Zetland, Earl of Ronaldshay, Co Orkney, Baron Dundas of Aske, Co York and a Baronet
lawrence mark dundas
  x Saturday 4 April 1964 Susan Rose Chamberlin
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Robin Lawrence Dundas born Friday 5 March 1965
2. James Edward Dundas born 1967 
3. Henrietta Kate Dundas born 1970
4. Victoria Clare Dundas born 1973
Prior to taking over the family estates Lord Zetland had a successful career in business (toy manufacturing) and before becoming the Chairman at Redcar he was the Managing Director. In addition he has been a director at Catterick and a steward at Ripon and Cheltenham, Wetherby and Aintree.

Robin Lawrence Dundas
Earl of Ronaldshay
Son of:  Lawrence Mark Dundas
and: Susan Rose Chamberlin
born: Friday 5 March 1965
Occupation: Managing Director of Musks Ltd since 1993. Director Redcar Racecourse since 1989 and Catterick Racecourse since 1988
Robin Lawrence Dundas. By kind permission of the Marquess of Zetland.
  Heather Hoffman 14/4/1997 
  the following children were born of this union:
1. Eliza Constance Dundas born 31/3/1998  
2. Minna Hermoine Dundas born 6/3/2000
3. Flora Dundas (twin with Imogen) born 19/4/2001 
4. Imogen Dundas born 19/4/2001 
ronaldshay girls
Eliza, Minna, Flora and Imogen 2001

Lady Lavinia Margaret Dundas
Daughter of:  Laurence John Lumley Dundas
and: Cicely Archdale
born: Thursday 31 December 1914
died: 1982
1st: Capt. John Creagh Rogerson x 19/19/1939 died 24/10/1945
2ndly: Jack Green  x 20/2/1947 died 9/2/1961
3rdly: Brigadier Francis Wyld x 19/4/1962

William Dundas
Son of: Laurence Dundas
and: Harriet Hale
born: 26/10/1800
died: 2/9/1815. Buried at Marske, Cleveland
william tombstone

Lady Viola Mary Dundas
Daughter of: Laurence John Lumley Dundas
and: Cicely Archdale
born: Tuesday 4 January 1910
died:  21/3/1995